Conflict of Interest

Just a quick question, at our last AGM the new Exec was voted in with the Chair and Treasurer being Husband and Wife. My question is does anyone think this could be a conflict of interest?

We’re still waiting for our AGM, but are in a similar.position.
Our (acting) Chair and Treasurer are related (father/daughter), as we’re also now an independent registered charity, I would assume this would count as a conflict?

The answer is maybe.
Treasurer doesn’t really do much else apart from sign cheques and report what the accounts look like (in theory - practice as we all know is different).
As long as everyone agrees to the spending and all have full oversight of everything, is there an issue?

Also as most committees are only those most committed parents then it’s slim pickings usually for who will do what!

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Find someone else…oh wait…

I would suggest the mitigation should be that they aren’t both signatories.


This is often the reality, probably part of the reason HQAC want reform.

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