Confirmation of resignation?


Does anyone know whether I should have recieved any kind of confirmation regarding my resignation of my commission?? I would have expected something, but given I resigned in January and I’ve not had anything at all (letter, P45, phone call, etc) to confirm I’m no longer part of the organisation, I’m slightly confused / concerned!


Perhaps your OC burnt it…


Search for your Service Number here:

It should appear once for your appointment to commission, once for your promotion to substantive Flying Officer (and maybe once for your resignation of commission)…


Your OC should receive notification through the chain that your resignation has been processed. I had an officer resign in September and confirmation has only just come through.

HQAC have massive staffing issues with the team that deals with appointments/promotions/resignations etc but we were told they should be resolved as of today with new staff starting on 1 May. That almost certainly means that they have a huge backlog to clear…


Heard they had a backlog of work and person doing work when on leave, with no one else to cover…


Cheers guys! As long as the consensus is that I should hear something, I’m happy enough to wait! Just didn’t know for sure!


If I was your CO I would have done exactly what Baldrick said, not told you and then said: ‘well, I’ve sent your paperwork off James, so just carry on until you hear back’…

10 years later James says: ’ just when can I expect to hear back, Gunner’…oh no doubt soon, says I…soon…


I like the sound of that! If it hasn’t been progressed by Feb next year, it means I could still be eligible to do Alpine Adventure, but cos I’d submitted my paperwork I could do it “guilt free” without having done anything else for the rest of the year! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Yeh, I know, I’m joking…


I got a P45 through eventually!


Last time I had an officer resign in my unit, it took 18 months for the acknowledgement to arrive from HQAC.