Compulsory Training

Having just starting to re-read the RA for minibus use, (joking aside on the actual document). Section three reads

Training to be provided in Manual Handling as per ACP 5 e.g. every 2 years and records kept of all training

This is a new one on me, who provided the training and what qualifications are needed. I was wondering on top of the first aid, protecting information, safe guarding, H & S, Heat injury and exposure. What other compulsory training should we be doing? More importantly is there a list of what, why and when. Keeping track can be difficult when some are annual some are biannual, things like WHTs are every 6 months and a few like FA are every three years. Also some are record automatically and some you have to add to SMS yourself.
A final thought, are sinking under a tide of compulsory training and not actually doing any activities with the cadets?

I wonder if they are going to put it on ultilearn, I done my manual handling for work through an E-Course, it took about 2hrs (ok 1hr as I kept pressing the button as soon as it let me).

I can see it coming to a point where there is a staff training weekend and all it is is things like this

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I enjoy manual handling courses at work as they include manually handling very nice cakes and pastries at the break.


How about a helpful list put together by a combination of H&S, Safeguarding and First Aid areas?

That would be more useful than stupidly written generic RAs!!

And DBS every five years. :wink:

It’s part of that utterly awful “Health & Safety” CD-ROM with which every squadron should have been issued.
There is a form in ACP 5 which should be in every Sqn’s H&S folder to annotate when staff have viewed the content of that CD either as initial training or refresher training.

i.e. Click through some utterly abysmal powerpoint presentations - stick a name and date on the form - job done.

It’s thoroughly professional, incredibly useful, and not at all a complete waste of time.


Wasn’t there a thing recently saying it’s been withdrawn pending an update, but not replaced yet?

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If there was it passed me by… But that sounds totally plausible; it’s as much use as Betamax.

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The CD was withdrawn and the revised course is on Ultilearn.
See IBN 005/18

We do need joined-up thinking and a coordinated policy for renewal timescales to replace the mish-mash of validity periods and training media currently mandated by whichever numpty happens to have ownership of any particular aspect of policy.


Thanks for that.

On the surface one could be forgiven for thinking that sounds like a positive move. Though, after 23 years in the Corps I’m inclined to defer to an alternative opinion until proven otherwise… :wink:

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DBS are I believe now transportable so if you get a new one with someone else get it authorised and sent off.

If the DBS cleared person has paid for (or their employer has paid for) the online system it’s electronically transferable.

Otherwise a paper DBS less than 6 months old can be carried over. However the paperwork application process must be completed within that period. So, for example, if you sent a copy of the DBS certificate with, say, I’ll only two weeks left it would likely not get processed in time.

That is all assuming that the DBS is to same level i.e. enhanced and given for youth sector.

I’m wondering why the Corps Training Officer hasn’t got oversight of this. Surely the management of all training is within his remit?

Is there anybody here inclined to begin a list in the drive and a thread to feed it?

There’s certainly enough of a range of expertise around these parts to be able to populate such a document with renewal periods and currency requirements…

Personally I’m envisaging a spreadsheet with different worksheets for “compulsory”, “shooting”, “AT”, “Fieldcraft”, “Misc”, etc - but there may be a better way to work it?

So maybe:

Qualification - renewal - renewal method - currency requirement
Sycophancy 101 - annual - get drunk with the Wing commander at annual dinner - brown nose a WSO or above at least once per month

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We’re talking about a Wing Commander whose sole function is training and who thinks the first class presentations are fit for purpose… Complete joke.

I kinda like how they teach you a method of instruction at ATF then give you presentations that bear absolutely no resemblance to anything you’ve been taught…


What you need is an online system that tracks qualifications, issues warnings when they are within 30 days of expiry, and makes it easy to print off a report of who is due to do what training when.


Yes, but what we need more than that is a HR function that designs the updates in a useful and friendly manner so that the impact on the individual is minimised.

Tracking expiry is part of the problem (30 days is not sufficient warning for many of the requirements either) and an easy fix, even without Westmonster. We also need as many refreshers as possible to be concise and delivered via e-learning.

A standardised period of 3 years for all such things seems adequate to me, but if it sticks to the point and is self-taught then we could probably do an annual update, but it needs to be a single update that covers many elements.

The problem with e-learning is the lack of contact with people, I know this fits the modern way of doing things, as opposed to the messiness that goes with meeting people and interacting.
I’ve done things via e-learning things and it is total toilet. I’ve got PDF and other files saying I have passed something and know stuff, but do I, not really.

I don’t like people, so that is fine by me.

e-learning makes sense for little updates and refreshers. While it may have a problem, I see the problem of getting multiple refreshers done on regular or semi-regular schedules to be a greater one.

Initial delivery is best face-to-face I agree, but even some of that might actually be sensible targets for e-learning. It has to balance need with person and course availability.

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