Communication problems at Squadron: Escalating to Wing?


Okay, still having huge problems at the Squadron.

I was informed this morning that one of our Officers has resigned because of the way she is being treated! - what hope do I have?

The C.O. is not answering any of my emails and I have been told that the Cadets are missing out on a lot of events.

A couple of months ago the Adjutant and the C.O. were fighting! I kept this quiet before. Nobody is working as a team and they are all stabbing each other in the back.

I am probably going to resign but not without letting someone know what is really going on. Who is the best to go to? The Wing Commander???

Some Youth Organisation pffffft!!!


Contact your Sector Officer without delay as we can’t afford to lose good staff!


For those who haven’t seen your previous threads, can you expand upon some of your post? Who is treating the officer badly for instance? The OC? Wing?


Even if you contact the CAC, nothing will happen. Been there done that.


From the section you posted into, I assume you are Civ Comm, possibly Civ Comm Chair, if so email your Wing Chair and your Sec Cdr in the first instance.


She apparently came in last Monday, set up her program of events and then was shot down in front of everyone in the office by the Adjutant, he has been there a long time and has no problem speaking his mind. She didn’t get done what she needed to. Since she came she has been the go between between the Adjutant and the C.O.


I am the Wing Chair (elected recently) and I am getting no where. I have emailed our Wing Chair but he is hard to get hold of and has not replied. I have a limited list of contacts as I am not yet on Bader.


I would suggest that the officer with the grievance needs to either sort it out with the squadron staff themselves or, if that isn’t possible, escalate it directly to their WSO.


All i will say is be very careful about sending off an email without knowing the whole story. Unless you were there, i would really be hesitant about sending something off full of what could be wrong facts and misinterpretation. I would personally pass on that there has been an incident that you think needs to be investigated with basic details (no he said she said)

Contact your full time staff at Wing HQ and ask for the relevant details for who to contact. If you dont know where to get them, PM me with your wing details and i will get you the correct people to contact


I have no idea who she has spoken to, she just emailed to say that she cant help me anymore as she is leaving by choice. I spoke to someone else who is in the Squadron and told me of the events of last week. The person who gave me this information is also fed up and is thinking of leaving. The Cadets are missing out on flying, wall climbing, camps through the Squadron and nights out that the Civ Com are trying to arrange. Is this all worth it???


Have you established why cadets might be missing out? It could be one of many reasons why those events can’t be attended or staffed. A unit can’t do everything.


I have privately message you, thank you


I’ve more accurately titled this thread.


That’s just it. Our unit is doing very little and has a lot of staff. I have a friend in another Squadron who told me he emailed out Squadron with spaces to a camp and his email was ignored. Climbing was organised for last Friday, no Cadets were told of this. Flying on two occasions did not go ahead. Tonights Halloween party has been cancelled. Just a couple of things that I know of.


I have replyed Deadlydi,


I would ring your Wing Hq and ask for a telephone number and explain you have emailed but got no response.


I see from reading your previous posts that this is an ongoing problem.
Who do yo really blame for the issues in your squadron?

The officer who resigned because of the way she was treated, was this the problem CO or the staff?

Are your staff made to feel appreciated by your CO or dejected.

I can see the frustration growing by the tone of your posts.

How was the squadron atmosphere before this CO took over?

Cadets are missing out on lots of things,
I take it things were better last year? Can you tell me why you feel they may have been better, just to allow me to paint a bigger picture.

Is there anyone within the squadron who you really believe is trying their best for your cadets but is having obstacles put in their way.
Put your support behind that person and help them pull your squadron back from the brink


Reading between the lines here,
Be careful someone is not pouring petrol on an already inflamed situation.
Have you spoken with anyone else to see what really took place?
Your use of the word apparently worries me!

Any squadron worth its sault has a three months training programe in place, have you seen yous, they take lots of work to get them up and running. The training programe also has all squadron events, built Iain where possible, flying dates, Halloween party, camps all showing and visible.

The training programe also alerts the cadets to the expected uniform for each parade night, again this should all be visible to staff, cadets and parents.

You say your Adjutant shot her down in front of everyone, I think you need to speak with the other members of staff first to gain a clearer picture of the events.
I personally believe you may have been sold short on this occasion.

You say your Adjutant has been there a long time and has no problem speaking his mind, is there any possibility he may have been correct in speaking out,
presumably there were other members of staff who were in the room who agreed with what your Adjutant was saying.

Education is a large part of the training programme, has no one in your squadron put any plans into place to control education?

When a cadet first joins they have to study basic entry level ATC and RAF subjects, practice drill and sit a test on it, there is also a basic security section now added to the first part of training.

How many new cadets do you have on your squadron?
Has any member of your staff ever openly discussed a date for getting your cadets enrolled?
This is probably the person who really has a handle on what’s going on in the squadron, try asking for an update and see if they are on target.

Try and speak to your Adjutant privately.
Ask him for comments as to what went on at Monday’s meeting!
Try to gauge if you have been given the full picture of events.


Crushed, I have private answered you as much as the system will allow.


Just a thought - and you may have tried this already. But has any thought been given to rather than having meetings etc on Sqn during business hours and getting nowhere to maybe instead having a social gathering of the committee and staff; some drinks etc and get to know each other properly? Air the grievances as part of a group discussion and see if any consensus can be made - compromises will need to be made on both sides of this divide. Have the Wing Chair there to act as arbiter. Ultimately regardless of who is at fault everyone needs to accept it is not perfect, there are flaws in the system and accept joint responsibility for what will fast become (or is already there) a seriously failing Squadron - based on your information.

Your Sqn appears to have massive problems - I only say appears as we only have one side of the story. Your cadets also appear to be missing out because of the communications breakdown, the obvious personality clashes are a route cause of this but more than likely not the only cause.

Being socially active changes the dynamic considerably and reduces the formalities if you are all able to at least tolerate each other. We have regular informal gatherings such as parties and BBQ’s etc. I was having a really bad private situation recently but still went to Sqn that night and my treasurer happened to be there that evening and being able to talk to someone who was a part of the Sqn but not always there was an immense relief. Welfare equally applies to staff - including the OC. Ultimately though something must be done because you have a group of kids there that are getting lost in the fog created by this totally bonkers situation created by adults. Not just one, but everyone involved - because a Sqn is only as successful as the adults who manage and support it enable it to be.