Comms Exercise - Duration 2 Hours

Morning All,

I plan on assisting the Wing with an activity weekend and one of those activities I am doing is Radios. Any ideas how I can keep about 20 - 25 Cadets entertained?

Last year we did Battleships but that took too long as we only had 1 hour and clearly there was mixed aptitudes and lack of knowledge. I would like them to maybe do some sort of basic training for the first 30 / 60 minutes and then an exercise that will keep them occupied for up to an hour.

Look forward to some responses.

I have some execs. Will need to dig them out, PM me and I will send.


pictionary… on the radio

How would this work? My mind cannot Picture it :rofl::rofl:

A bit haste in writing - Instructor (myself) has a Card and I would have to send a message (codex perhaps) to the rest of the groups team leaders and they have to then using Pictures try to guess what is written on the card?

We will be outdoors but this is something I will think on. Thank you.

ACP 044 Chapter 9 is your friend here

Sharepoint Link

a whole list of exercises which were submitted by CFAVs (Sqn RCOs) up the chain to be added to this library.

I can’t say one will last as long as an hour, but you could combine two perhaps…?


Just had a quick look. That is excellent. Thanks Steve

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I think Codex is restricted to Silver level
courses and up, I’ve assisted on Bronze courses and the Cdts didn’t cover it then.

I’ve had mine Building Lego over the Radio so one group has the plans and the other team bricks.

cadet 1 has a radio in another room and communicates to cadet 2 telling them what to draw.
the rest of the group have to guess what they are drawing.

Cadet 1 cannot say draw a “plane”… they need to describe the object in bits
ideally cadet 2 has a head set and nobody can hear what they are being told

it sounds weird but it can be a really good laugh… but it also teaches the importance of
clear communication

We did something similar (albeit without radios) on an NCO course. The teams had to ‘reverse engineer’ a device and make a copy using building blocks. Could work well with radios.

short navigation exercise where each checkpoint requires the cadets to radio in a code. Once all codes are in the NCS can send back an anagram for the cadets to work out the last checkpoint and they race to that position. Keep the teams small (assuming you have plenty of radio’s) so that every cadet gets a go. Create a simple codex for each team so that codes are secure.

i wouldn’t say restricted.

I agree it is not taught until the silver level but i personally wouldn’t only allow the Silver level Cadets to use it - if only because so few courses have been delivered (we’ve not done any in our Wing and understand its still in the pilot stage).

CODEX used to be taught far earlier so why should the PTS suddenly restrict what Cadets can do…?

If you have a valid exercise where it can be used then i say crack on…if teaching it for the sake of filling time then there are better radio procedures which could be used, the link i offered above offers plenty of exercises to be used to increase the proficiency of operators without blurring their minds with coding

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Restricted in that it is not taught below Silver as you say.