Commissions: Relinquished vs Resigned vs Terminated

The gazette (E.g. here) shows 3 ways for someone’s commission to end; Relinquished, Resigned and Terminated.

As Flying Officer

As Flying Officer

As Flying Officer

What is the difference between the three definitions in relation to HM commission?

Especially now whereby there are no more extensions - I’d imagine a termination would be based when someone’s been a naughty boy or then they havent extended service after 5 years (back when all officers were VR(T))…

I would say…

Relinquished is when their 4 yearly renewal was up they just let it lapse

Resigned is when they say to the corps goodbye

terminated is when the corps says goodbye to them

I thought resigned was your choice to leave, relinquished was the organisation’s choice but not through any wrong doing (as all our VRT commissions were) and terminated is removed because of misconduct

‘Terminated’… “I’ll be back”… no you wont.

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Does anyone bother with ranks if they leave the ATC?

some idiots do…

I saw an ex Plt Off turn up to an event in uniform saying he was a Plt Off retired, the thing was and was pointed out he didn’t even get to IOT

Relinquished means one has served the agreed term, not sought an extension, and left the Corps.
Resigned means that one has left early at own request.
Terminated means that one’s commission has been cut short by officialdom.
One supposes that “retirement” is not a classification used as RAFAC service carries no rights to a pension.

I don’t think there is any reference to being able to “retire” in any of the ACPs or APs for some time

When I resigned the option to retire was definitely not available to me or others with Us holding Sqn Ldr and Flt lt ranks for 10+ years each.

RC(N) said that wouldn’t change with the CFC, we’d continue as those of you with VR(T) did

This pre and after CFC
There was no reference or allowance to retire