Commandants message


Could she not prop her phone up so the image doesn’t wobble.

She managed to get to cornwall… and this is important why.

Nearly vomited at the nonsense. ‘Trying to get control of the situation’ shes a 1 Star for gods sake… pathetic.

Nice sky light though, looked like a decent fitting job there.


Wow what a very negative look on things - she ultimately lives in Cornwall and works in Lincoln. She’s making it more Approachable by letting us know, as she’s done for a lot of the last year or two.

A lot of of the military who are working from home have been told if they have homes that aren’t service Accommodation to work from there.

I thought it was a nice message - these are unprecedented times, and of course she’s trying to get back control, she was on leave when it all kicked off - the air cadets shut down completely.

There will be a lot of questions, queries, complaints, and background work.


Tbh I’m not down on it, it’s a lot of nothing and there are more important things than picking holes in a recording.

It’s not a social media video, it’s a private recording for our closed audience… And it’s better than nothing.

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It’s not a private message for a closed group.

The content will have been treated as a message in open source as soon as it was published. Listen to the message again and bear in mind that a Comms professional (ha!) will have released it as being suitable for public broadcast.

Try not to cringe.

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I’m not saying it’s not been deemed suitable for public broadcast, but that’s not the intention or purpose of the video. Suitable just means she hasn’t said anything daft or had any compromising paraphernalia on a shelf behind her.

It’s not high quality - it’s someone filming themselves (presumably) on their phone, but have you seen the quality of some news broadcasts and interviews? (Not just recently, but generally?).

It doesn’t say a great deal, but it’s better than radio silence.

I’m by no means a sycophant, but I’m not out there looking at ways to drag people for the sake of being able to complain about something - especially at the moment.

Apart from the Government. I’ll gladly whinge about those dossbags.

Nice reference :laughing:

As said above there is nothing big in the content and as a group suggest we could have predicted it given the chance. “a great shame events have been cancelled, look after yourselves, thanks to those volunteers still making things happen…”
Although having now seen the video i am a little disappointed the CAC is not in uniform.


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If she went down on holiday. And is now stuck there, would she have taken her uniform with her?

no - but she lives there…so why shouldn’t she?

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Her uniform is probably all in her room with DOM which is where she has been living since selling her Lincolnshire house and buy the Cornwall one pending her retirement from the service.

She had been on holiday (Scotland) and would have returned to DOM, but instead went direct to Cornwall, which makes perfect sense to me.

To be honest people where is the issue?

Went to Cornwall during this. That is now Ma’am’s home. I would argue that even if she made the journey after the restrictions it’s justified. Far safer and easier all round to sit this out in own home not a military mess, potentially putting essential personnel at risk.

Video message not in uniform. Shock horror. Never been to a Squadron night in civvies? Always faced Cadets at camp in uniform? Thought not.

I dread to think what could have been achieved for our Cadets during the time this thread has been alive and people have been moaning.

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I think the issue is more that some people on here have been ordered by Wing Commanders to be in uniform for video tutoring



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my comment was somewhat tongue and cheek in light of…

but if you missed that well…sorry. #failed@funny

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No. I got it, was failing to explain the home to alex

sorry i wasn’t clear.

I was replying to alexw and using your (Farmerdan) reply as part of that response.

i was addressing alexw when i suggested the link to wearing uniform for tutoring was missed