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Is it just me or just does anyone else find the Commandant’s Facebook updates always come across as a bit of a moan about how busy she’s been/not had days off/how long till next day off or leave etc… I really don’t want to feel that way and think its great she does the updates but I just keep getting that feeling of ‘well it comes with the job/ air commodore salary’ and we are all in the same boat of constantly trying to juggle family, job and ever increasing cadet hours…

Just you :slight_smile:

Yup I agree it must be you,Personaly Speaking I think that she is one of the most Hard working Air Officers in the RAF/RAFR adding the fact she is looking forward to a day off to spend with the family is just keeping thingsreal.

Ithink that the current Air Cmr has actualy done far more for the ACO than many of her predessers and that better things are yet to come.

She’s not only dispelling the myth of the “glass ceiling” for RAF female officers, she’s shattering it, collecting it up and mailing it to every single female officer with a personal signed note saying, you can if you want to.

Plus, the kids like her and that’s a win in my book. Let’s just hope she doesn’t fall into the Air Cdre Who? Category at HQAC like others have in the past.

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It’s just you. :wink:

I don’t follow her on facebook, but her Twitter feed is nothing but informative (and she’s very willing to engage too).

She is a human after all.

I like the fact that she communicates with cadets, staff and Squadrons on twitter and facebook, it shows that she has time for us. The status updates and tweets are just saying I’ve been doing things with cadets, had a good time and now I’m knackered and want my bed. How many of us say the same kind of thing? I know I do :slight_smile:

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I like the fact she comunicates directly with cadets and staff, but reminds us its not a route to avoid the CoC,

its very refreshing, Its amasing to me that she finds the time to respond and favorite so many tweets

our Cadets love it that she finds time to respond.

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One of the best tweets I have seen from her went something along the lines of “Why am I getting up at 6am on a Sunday morning? Can only be air cadets!”

Its nice to actually see someone who understands some of what we do at grassroots level and takes a very active interest as well as embracing modern technology - previous commandants just haven’t had the options available to have that level of contact.

Its also good to hear a lot of information direct from source so to speak rather than the scrambled method of the ACO rumour mill.

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I have huge respect for the fact that she’s not only down to earth, engaging, and keen; but she’s also nobody’s fool and she knows what she wants done.

You’re left in no doubt as to who’s in charge but she doesn’t come across as pompous, aloof, or out of touch.

I hope she sticks around!

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I love the updates. It’s great to see what the top of the tree is getting up to, and I love her engagement directly with people/units on twitter.

She must have far too much time on her hands to do any of this. One of my kids does Twitter and they all do Facebook. The others did do twitter but thought, after 2 weeks, it was full of pointless nonsense, that only the small brained find interesting.

If the content of what CAC puts out is anything like suggested, IMO she’s trying too hard. Like the celebs and other pointless people who bang on about what they put on twitter, only people with time to kill and a need to stay in the public eye, can have any use for it.

It would be great to see what the other Admin Staff do at HQ. I remember getting a question answered on the “Ask HQAC” sharepoint forum a few years ago. But it only lasted a week. I enjoy reading how/what she is doing. I’ve met her a number of times and have always been impressed with her enthusiasm and what seems like a genuine search for answers/opinions.

The commandant spends a lot of time in transit.

Besides, good communication is an important aspect of good leadership - something many of her subordinates could learn from :slight_smile:

Jesus, in the words of Chas & Dave, [I]‘there just ain’t no pleasing you’[/I]…


when you look at the likes and number of comments its shows she is liked.
i remember seeing Kennedy for the first time as was surrounded by other Officers, not approachable at all. CAC has flipped that on its head, much like Moulds started. he connected with the Staff better than most but Dawn has made connections at all levels and proves that its no picnic running the ATC but she does seem to enjoy it all.

the number of “selfies” seen on FB with her is great, she is a “celeb” to the Cadets and is down to earth enough to join in.

i couldnt imagine 90% of the COs in our wing or even our Wing Cmdr being photographed in the situations i have seen her with next to Cadets…and i think that says alot…she is proving an Officer can still be human!

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She was very well received at our 75th celebrations last month. Good speech at the dinner too.


Not at all. But this is my only vice in that realm.

Thanks for your comments!

Why? It’s not you writing her updates is it!