Comdt RAFAC leaving & replacement

Or not?


Am I reading this right? TK appears to be responsible for selecting his replacement.

Full Time Reserve Service (Limited Commitment) Terms

I think the phrase ‘Limited Commitment’ sums it up quite nicely!

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No. He’s the point of contact for any questions about the role.

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The following are only desirable and not essential

Working with young people.
Working with volunteers
innovative thinker

I would suggest that understanding the volunteer dynamic is crucial to the post of Cmdt Air cadets.


TK is the point of contact so that an applicant can visit HQAC and see what the job is all about. Any applicant will be a known factor at the paper sift, which I suspect will not be a long process.

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Don’t worry guys, everything is fine and dandy in RAFAC. Well that’s who contacts TK will be told.

“Just carry on as I did and they’ll all follow to hell and back”. “They moan a bit, but just treat them as AS2 and they’ll succumb to wat ever you throw at them”. he says.

This was the same for the previous 2 appointments at least IIRC.

Just means they’ll be paid less and not deployed. No house either. So money saving exercise…

Odd, considering the word “innovative” appears in the responsibilities section…

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Whilst this is true, anyone applying should be able to do the essential if they are competent in the rank advertised.

The desirable criteria should be what sorts out the good candidates from the mediocre candidates - provided there is more than one applicant!

Don’t have the FOI to hand, but one of the answers stated the TK would be in post until Sep 2025, so it certainly seems that he has retired one yr early.

His LinkedIn missive said leaving at the 4 year mark in Sep 24, usually contracted for blocks of 4 years.

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