Combat Logos - Still Trading?

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Has anyone recently ordered from Combat Logos and if so was your order fulfilled? I ordered back in April, chased a couple of times by email and more recently tried phoning - Their mobile says not accepting calls, not a great sign.


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I haven’t ordered from them, but based on recent reviews you don’t appear to be the only unhappy customer.

If it’s of any help, the address on their website is a residential one…

Ordered from them before and received my order after lots of chasing. Now I prefer to got to eBay or Greenfrog as they can get stuff in a timely manner with chasing.

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I would be surprised if still trading. Customer service and quality of product all dire.

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Used to order from them, changed the design without telling us and then blamed us saying it was what we had always had and removed our stuff from the site.

Never ordered again.


It’s a shame, they used to be really good. But with all the stories I’ve heard recently I wouldn’t be surprised if they had gone bust.

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Must admit, my last dealings was not very good. I had to chase and chase eventually got my order and quality was shocking. Alan refunded my money and told me never to order from him again and good luck trying to find someone else to do future orders :flushed:

There was a post a few months ago about some WO tabs that combat logos had produced but unfortunately the feedback wasnt very positive in terms of quality control (e.g. only two lions on the coat of arms).

That might have been their last hurrah…

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just looked on their Facebook & no posts for the last two year.

Reading their terms & conditions, they seem a little combative especially as the take the position that their contract is fulfilled once they have posted the item not when you’ve received them.

They can put it in the terms and conditions as much as they want, it doesn’t make it legal!

I haven’t ordered from him in ages though, his stuff was ok, never great. The biggest problem I always had was that the embroidery was never straight or central on the rank slides.

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I ordered in April as well and still heard absolutely nothing back.

Avoid using them! Rude owner who needs lessons in communication!

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Throw a complaint in to trading standards. They might decide to do a preliminary investigation & the guy will just wind them up so they go all in.

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It’s the “Kind Regards, Alan” that does it for me :joy:

(Edit: original image contained a very offensive expletive directed at the customer, followed by “Kind Regards, Alan” and the combat logos brand information)

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