Colour Of Boots For MTP


Is a maroon coloured patrol boot allowed in RAFAC along with MTP?

Brown boots with MTP

Or black.

But what do you mean, maroon? Pic?

I really really really want to get a pair of multicam boots and then post on Facebook.

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Is that allowed?

They look brown to me. What colour do you think Maroon is?

It is literally this colour

So brown then!

I was expecting like para beret bright maroon, those are brown boots!


Ok just making sure that it’s ok in the RAFAC. thanks

I’ll send you the link to my multi cam
polish. Bought it off the same bloke who sold me my DPM paint :shushing_face:


I am sure these can be cleaned by that multicam polished you mentioned. I hear Altberg are now doing multcam Leder Gris.


How do you find your boots, after getting into your sleeping bag??

They will go that colour if you use “Dark tan” polish on them. Don’t do that. Use “MOD brown” or mid tan.

Or be like me and wear boots that you don’t polish.

Oh right haha. Thanks