Collective Callsigns

Does anyone have any examples (with references if possible) on how CC1, CC2 etc. callsigns would be used? Can you have one channel with 2 nets (free or directed), allocated CC1 and CC2 or do they have to be on seperate channels? Provided you can have one channel with 2 nets, could you have CC1 as a free net and CC2 as a directed, both on the same channel? I know you wouldn’t want to, but just out of curiosity.

I feel this is unclear in the Bronze radio presentation (which I have completed) and in ACP45. My sqn radio instructor is also unsure of how to use these.

Having now seen more documents, i’m going to answer my own question…

The Bronze Radio instructor guide refers to CC1, CC2 etc as “sub-net callsigns” and the NCS callsign as the “overall net callsign”. Therefore, you can only have one type of net, free or directed, as it is all one net. Due
CC1, CC" etc being “sub-net callsigns” you can use multiple on the same channel.

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