Coeliac-compatible Rations

Does anyone have any experience providing rations for cadets with Coeliac disease?

Gluten free food. Simples

I’ve had a selection of bits left over, and make a ration bag up for them. Going through the ingredients.

If not, I try and provide a suitable alternative from camping shops or supermarkets.

Point to some grass and say"there you go"… :rofl:.

But in seriousness, when I have run FT exercises and overnights and a cadet or staff member has a food intolerance, I ask them to provide their own food suitable for field cooking.
That way the there is no risk on me or the organisation that we can harm them.


… from a dietary perspective.



Any good?

They seem to have a few options for Gluten/Dairy/Halal/Vegan/Vegitatian.

I was thinking that, but there’s nothing in the rations that guarantees that they’re free from (as opposed to simply not including) as far as I’m aware.

The first thing to do is talk to the cadet if possible. They will know the severity of their own condition. I have had cadets that have had to have plates brought out to them in the field and I have had cadets that are able to make do with normal rations for short periods. If it is not possible, you just have to assume that they need 100% gluten free stuff.

Already have - they’ve confirmed that it’s gluten-free needed, not just a recipe without gluten.