CMOI Presentation ideas

Hi all.
Recently done the CMOI course and need some ideas for my presentation.
Had the idea of uniform (something like how to wear your No2A uniform, etc)
Any suggestions for the presentations or advice would be great.

The best MOI assessments ive assessed have been non cadet relates, dont be affraid to think outside the box.


100% agree. It really shows when someone is passionate about a subject.


^ this. I’ve assessed lessons on “being environmentally friendly” and various history lessons (I forget the exact titles) in the past.

Please don’t do another lesson on how to shape a beret. They get really dull after the first 6 :laughing:.


I’ve been told the subject has to be some what cadet related. Would history of a certain aircraft be better?

That’s a local rule (and a silly one frankly).
But seeing as it’s what you’re having to work to then history of a particular aircraft would be good. The key thing is that it’s diverging you feel comfortable talking about.


Using such a rule actually doesn’t show a lot about the person presenting. Far better it’s something unconnected to the corps.


You could still go quite a long way with that. If your sarcasm filter is good, something like the history of shoe polish. If you don’t want to get in trouble, then I’ve seen some fantastic ones where the presenter has talked about a local person who received the DFC or similar significant gallantry award.

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This - on Sqn we deliberately set topics that are not cadet related so it demonstrates that the cadet can go & research and then teach a topic.

We’ve had some cracking lessons on topics such as topiary, kabadi & oil.

I think you could have fun(/be subversive) on this while still sticking with in the restriction.

Assuming your an ATC cadet what about the history of the CCF? :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:

Or link to Army of Sea cadets (or even “what even is the Volunteer Cadet Corps?”!)

Just to make it fun & different


I find the something completely outside the cadet activity a little bit ineffective for what the new MoI does and is trying to achieve.

With the self assessments (minimum of 2) followed but the Summative assessment I feel it should be what you’ll be doing at the Squadron as an instructor cadet.

For the summative assessment would strongly encourage a subject your enthusiastic about within that environment (and don’t forget cadet related subjects may be a lot more than you initially think I.e. Debating) and it’s good to see it in a normal training program.

So you’re giving your lesson to those who actually need it. Uniform care is a very common one seen but then they do it to the whole squadron where actually you can’t do a decent lesson because some of the cadets have been doing it years.

If your doing Initial Expedition Training, your cadets should be either Junior Cadets training for first class, or a group of cadets going out to do expeditions soon (DofE, Ten TORs, AT camp coming up etc).

Your training officer should be working with you for where you’ll be teaching on the Squadron, where your interest lie, what the training program is doing, and if there is any limitations (such as with Fieldcraft)

If your doing Classification training think back to your MoI - how would you of wanted to recieve it as a cadets, you don’t have to teach it how others doing it and can absolutely mix it up provided you hit those key objectives.

Big difference is the jump from a presentation to a lesson. You don’t have to be talking the whole time - in fact I wouldn’t expect, it’s a normal lesson and you wouldn’t want to sit and listen to someone chatter for 30-45 minutes!

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This is very valid and the OP’s use of the word presentation may be confusing - do they mean Presentation Skills or the MOI itself?

That said some MOI assessors will lean towards one format or another. There are criteria in the MOI which can’t be covered by, say, a purely practical lesson so it is worth checking expectations if possible.

or even a particular historic moment for aircraft.

I am thinking about the Lanc’s bouncing bomb mission or the Vulcan’s Black buck mission