Cleaning Rank Slides?

There was a recent debate on the squadron between NCOs on how to clean rank slides and how to remove accidental shine from ironing. What is the proper / a good way to do this?

I just don’t iron rank tabs. Yet to be told, shown, otherwise had knowledge imparted to me that rank tabs need to be ironed in anyway.

As for that shine, nothing really you can do about it, besides buying new slides.

And in future if you need to iron them, just iron the back.

Thanks guys. Was just curious, not my problem as i’m just a cadet :stuck_out_tongue:

As a young J/T I used to “remove the shine” from new rank tabs by dipping them in engine oil - but I AM NOT suggesting you do that!!!

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Iron your rank tabs with a tea towel over the top just the same as you do with your trousers

Never needed to iron rank slides so cant speak to removing shine, get a new pair and don’t iron them is the solution there.

However regarding cleaning, find someone who is getting something dry cleaned (ideally something with epaulettes) and stick them in/on.

I may or may not have done this as an SAC liney, to give myself the appearance of longevity…

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