Cleaning Officer's Peaked Cap

Anyone know how to clean the cloth peak on an officer’s cap without dry cleaning?

Strong hoover on mine. Gets the dust off.

It’s more than dust though, more dirty than a vacuum will clear. Anyone any ideas?

I managed to borrow a small bottle of dry cleaning fluid/solvent, with a sponge applicator. That worked really well, but I’ve never seen something like it again unfortunately.

Get your bat man to sort it out.


Would an upholstery stain remover work?

Would that we had one!

Possibly. But I want to see if someone’s used it before I destroy a £60 hat :joy:

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Vanish soap bar and Hot water? Wash the underside first to check it doesnt stain it?

Coward. Where’s you sense of venture adventure?


Sign him off as LMF


Just do AT and never bother wearing uniform again?


Cadet direct…

Do you not have a local SNCO who could lend you their hat for the evening as you want to explain cap badges to the cadets? :eyes: :eyes:

What sort of dirt is it and that may influence my answer?

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NCO hats don’t have cloth peaks.

It’s just dirt from picking it up.

Rest of the hat is the same material though!

In that case I’d say cotton pads and warm water. Slowly slowly!

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True, but I bet the peak is the bit most people grab on to.

I’ll experiment and see where I get.

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I was taught not to grab it by the peak at OIC, you should grab it by the rim.

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It crossed my mind, but I resisted :rofl: