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I know it will be cancelled for now, but my CCF(RAF) section has restarted training and we are being encouraged to start looking at ACLC and CLC. Does anyone know what the entry requirements and brief course content is?


Well done for looking ahead!

There is a HQAC resource in the “How to Guides”, entitled “ACLC Application process and form - Guide 23”, which is available on Sharepoint, which you can ask your CCF staff to send you.

These are the eligibility criteria from ACTO84 (as at 20 Oct) - the 1.5 mile run used to a mandatory pre-requisite (supervised) prior to attendance, but don’t think that you will get away with low standard of fitness: because it has been dropped…


3 To be eligible a cadet must:

a. Be at least 16 years of age but not 18 or more, on the first day of the course, and intend to remain in the ATC or CCF for at least a further year after completing the course.

b. Be physically fit. The course requires a significant level of physical fitness: preparation is the key. The course will commence with a 1.5 mile run and there is a 16km walk also on the first day, as well as other navigation exercises during the rest of the course; additionally, there will be a requirement to move weighted items during some of the leadership tasks. All Cadets must therefore ensure they are in good physical condition if they are to be able to access the course successfully. Attendees should consider completing a 1.5 mile run prior to attending the course to gauge their physical condition and record the time on the personal narrative. The old RAF fitness test of a 1.5 mile run in 11.5mins [male]/13mins [female] is a helpful benchmark and Cadets who have not been able to meet or better this time have found the course to be a significant physical challenge which has then impacted their performance on and enjoyment of the course.

c. Be medically fit to the extent that they can take part in a range of strenuous activities. If any doubt exists, HQ RAFAC (through TG3) is to be consulted.

d. Not have attended a previous leadership course for cadets at either Cranwell, Frimley Park or Nesscliffe.

Thanks everyone, my Contingent doesn’t have access to Sharepoint or Bader yet, so these are really helpful!

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They do have accounts. Every contingent has at least an OC, Adj and SSI account. If the staff don’t have the login then they need to speak to the TEST SNCO. If the staff don’t use the login then the TEST SNCO needs to speak to them.

How do you do your ultilearn exams? They need to have entered you into SMS to generate your account.

Just a thought but should be really be posting documents on here like above?

After all we have no proof who people are and the Cadet guide for CLC comes with the QR etc.

All good and well to help people but maybe instead simply point them to their staff with the right question to ask.

They’re not protectively marked, some are available on cadet portal anyway so I don’t see any problem.

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They’ve been posted on Facebook aswell already


Ok great

We don’t do utilearn! We don’t do qualifications outside of part 1,2,3 and MOI.

Thanks for all the help.

You can’t complete part 2 or 3 without using ultilearn!

Part 2 requires you to complete the ultilearn tests on Principles of Flight, Airmanship and Navigation. (That equates to the new Leading cadet). Advanced requires you to do one further ultilearn test - although with the new syllabus in you now need to do three after Leading to get Senior and three further to get Master.

I don’t know what your contingent is doing but it isn’t the CCF(RAF) syllabus whether you look at the one adopted last month or the one which had been in place for years before that.

I would be genuinely interested in what you do for part 2 and 3. Not to ID your contingent or get anyone in trouble but because I’m working to try and ensure that CCF sections are actually following the central syllabus as Comms have been iffy from the centre for several years so it would be useful to see what we are actually up against or if there is anything that “everyone” is doing which we should just codify into the official policy.

Ha! I had no idea that you had to use utilearn for part 2+3! We have a small ‘test’ booklet that we use (not really a test as it’s open book, staff/ncos give you the answers) - if you get half of it right - 5/10 - you get the badge.

Although, I am not surprised it’s not following the official syllabus. Our contingent doesn’t really follow anything like that, which has it’s pros and cons - I (RAF) get to join in with all the Army section fieldcraft, FTXs, pyro etc which I’ve read is a bit more limited for a lot of RAFAC units, as well as all the flying, aerospace etc. On the other hand (and I don’t want to diss the staff - they work really hard for what they have available to them), any courses/quals etc outside of the contingent you have to find yourself.

Like you said, I don’t want to ID anyone, but I’m interested in the work you said you are doing to get units to follow syllabus.

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