Clay target shooting

Hi all,

I tried clay target shooting (shotgun) for the first time at the British Shooting Show and thought that it was great fun.

The BASC had a stand set up where you paid £20 for about 45 minutes with an experienced instructor, who would give you a safety brief, set you up with the gun and take you to do some shooting.

I looked on their website and found their Young Shots days, which normally cost £20 for a whole day of tuition and shooting.

Does anybody have experience with clay shooting through the Corps? Is this kind of thing even permitted?

Thanks in advance.

permitted yes, i know of a Sqn, or at least a Staff member in the Wing who has got involved.

as with all shooting the quals need to be in places, training followed by WHT, and the RCO/range staff obviously need to be familiar with the weapon and practise types

two obvious differences, moving targets and standing up.
having had a go at a local civi club it is easy enough to pick though

the difficulty would be the stores…do RAF armouries have shotguns they can issue you for the day and the shells to go with them and a suitable range on station/local to use?

This is the thread that you want:

CPSA rules apply; ACO shooting quals are irrelevant here. Clay pigeon shooting is run as a sport.