Classification Training - Photographs Needed!


I am currently working on producing new training material for Leading Cadet. I am nearly finished but need a few photos for the Airmanship Knowledge and Principles of Flight topics. I’d prefer photos that are copyright free wherever possible.

Does anyone have any photos of the things listed below, perhaps taken by people who work at RAF bases or have taken the pictures whilst on annual camp?

  • Inside of a helicopter (to show the tail rotor control, cyclic pitch control and/ or collective pitch control).
  • Images of Air Traffic Control, inside the tower and control room, preferably with personnel working to show the roles of Aerodrome and Approach controller.
  • A mobile ATC Tower (red and white caravan, preferably not a VGS one).
  • A decent photo of a helipad.
  • Any up to date photos of anything to do with RADAR.

I hope people can help! :slight_smile:


I may have a few of those.
Though if I took them, they won’t be copyright free!


Look on ye olde www, normally the copyrighted ones have ‘watermarks’ or can’t be downloaded and if you do the quality is shocking.


Assume everything is copyrighted unless it explicitly states otherwise, or that the copyright holder permits free use.

For ATC use, anything that is Crown Copyright should be able to be used without any real concern.


Just an FYI a CI (Ex BA training captain) at my squadron has rewritten principles of flight and its on its way to HQAC for the final sign off and distribution


If I could use them i’d be grateful, I’d of-course credit you on anything I produce! :slight_smile:


We’ll expect to see it distributed by 2020 :grinning:


I’ve also been asked but not for the presentations. Would be interesting to see what he’s come up with :).

IMO, Airmanship Knowledge needs re-doing the most. There a significant amount in it that is out of date or just simply incorrect!


Ill see if i can get a copy to share


We don’t have enough different aircraft in the RAF anymore, hence the number of ‘retired’ and historic aircraft.

You should also bear in mind the questions on ultilearn are the same ones that were causing so many problems on the old system, which they couldn’t update or get the info from. But lo and behold ultilearn comes out and the questions are bizarrely the same ones. Don’t believe me look at some of the old paper exams. So completely reinventing the classification subjects wasn’t going to happen.


How many do you want exactly? There are 26 RAF aircraft, not including cadet and BBMF aircraft.

The retired aircraft are there because they’ve not been updated yet.