Classification Exams not in Utilearn

Hi all,

I’m trying to get my Senior Classification, but it seems only one topic is on Ultilearn as an exam. Does anyone know if the other topics are going to be available, and if not, who do I ask/where do I get a copy of/who marks, an exam paper? I really want to get my Senior, and this is slowing me down…


It is likely that you haven’t been given permission to see the other exams: staff will make them visible to you when you need to sit them.

Satellite and Data Communications has no exam on Ultilearn at the moment. A subject matter expert has recently been sourced to verify the Ultilearn course and set questions for the exam.

This will take a while so either find a different exam or wait patiently.

Waiting it is then :frowning:

Fantastic! Perhaphs they’ll ditch all the old, unnecessary ‘history of space exploration’ rubbish and focus on the topic at hand.
Whilst it might be incredibly useful in a pub quiz to know the name of the first cockroach in space and how many crew it’s spacecraft carried, I can’t help but think that cadets studying “Satellite Communications” might be better off learning about orbits, transponders; uplinks and downlinks; symbol rates; low noise amplifiers, and block down-convertors… call me crazy.

Well with the name change to Data Comms, who knows how much it is changing.

For the OP you will only be able to register for the exam once your staff have put you in for it then it will show up when you do bulk register etc.