Claiming subsistence for RAFAC activities

Hi everyone,
Are CFAVs able to claim subsistence for RAFAC activities when not on a base or MOD site i.e. Duke of Edinburgh. If I was to stop and get lunch, can this receipt be submitted in Form 1771? ACP300- Instruction No313 doesn’t really cover this area.

Technically yes.
But my understanding is it has to be agreed in advance by whoever is the perm controlling your accounts. Most likely wexo.

Never really see anyone doing this.

Uniformed cfavs just use VA to cover this sort of thing.

You could always ask Sqn civ com to reimburse.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done to be honest.

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the only twos example I know of where “expenses” are covered are in the Gliding scholarship medical and D1 application process.

gliding medical (required to fly solo) costs are covered by the MOD - and is a unique form.

for the D1, up to two theory tests can be paid for, as well as the medical required to be a PCV driver.
I also got my car parking paid for that I used for the theory test centre visit, claimed on a F1771 which was already approved by WExO beforehand.
the F1771 was submitted detailing each expense with evidence of the cost - for medical and test was an email confirmation of my appointment with charge and the car park was the ticket itself.

I have never known anyone else try to claim anything like a lunch or similar expenses. We are volunteers and so volunteer our time and if that comes with a need to feed ourselves on events so be it - if we can expense lunch I will be suggesting our next Wing shoot we all move from the 25m Barrack range to the mess and ensure the PAYD receipt is passed on to WExO but in truth that is never going to happen.
as we’re not employees (despite how we’re often treated) we’re not open to those perks where “out of pocket expenses” are covered by work.

as suggested the CWC can be approached and I have known examples where they have paid for CI “expenses” as they don’t receive the VA pocket money but even then not a routine claim and for specific expenses rather than every day claim like a Boots Meal Deal


Years ago I asked the WExO for “lunch Expenses” for something, can’t remember what. The reply back was “your can claim pay for that so your lunch is covered”.

Not a very convicting argument I think.

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Problem with this statement is that your taxed on VA, though VA* is supposed to cover out of pocket expenses including meals and travel which your not supposed to be taxed on. :man_shrugging:

I wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of CFAV applied scale rates to all their activites, whether claiming VA or not, would end up with no tax liability on VA overall.

Theres probably an accountant out there who can say why its not possible though.

*HMRC definition of volunteer allowances not HQACs


I’m pretty sure the same policy as on camp applies to day activities: claiming pay = PAYD, not claiming pay = eat free

As far as im aware.
Happy to be corrected.
But uniformed cfavs are always PAYD. Regardless of whether on duty or not.

This is to stop uniformed cfavs who work on or near an mod chow station, getting free lunch every day.

Nah, AFAIK the post above is correct. A uniformed CFAV eats free if they are on an official camp/duty and not claiming VA. If they are claiming VA then they should be praying paying. This, AFAIK was only when on a camp where food is supplied. As for things like a DofE weekend, I’ve always assumed everyone pays normally.

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this made me laugh more than it should have.

Last time I stayed at a mess, even though not getting paid, myself and the CI’s were charged for food.

I wonder how dependent it is on the individual mess now and the contractors running them than actual rules. Actually for stations that have little to no cadet activity do these out sourced companies even know the guidance CFAV’s are being given?

Thanks for the correction :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

As for the other point, there’s no way CIs should be getting charged for food. As a CI I’ve certainly never been charged for food anyway…

Cadet04 here with the ACP quotes as ever…

ATC personnel making visits to RAF Stations or other Service establishments
may be provided with meals by the host establishment and Sqn COs should advise
the establishment concerned, through the ACLO, of the type and number of meals

Pay-As-You-Dine (PAYD). Personnel on paid duty whilst visiting a unit where a PAYD facility exists will pay at the point of sale at the ‘entitled’ rate for a standard core menu. If not on paid duty, personnel are entitled to the core menu offer at public expense, but are to provide a nominal roll to respective messes. Where extra messing charges exist or retail offers are provided, in an Officers’ or SNCO’s Mess, then this is a personal responsibility to finance. It is, therefore, important that personnel liaise with the Station Liaison Officer for a full explanation on extra messing and retail costs in force at each Unit visited.

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I was once - I was on annual camp and the camp com said to put in a 1771 to claim it back.

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The one annual camp I did many years ago as a CI I was charged but reading cadet04’s ACP quote that kind of makes sense as it was all in the Sgt’s Mess

It was somewhere around £9 for the week and I remember the most expensive line item being Council Tax :rofl:

You still shouldn’t have been charged as you would be a crown feeder, however the Camp should’ve submitted a list to the Mess in advance so that they would know.


I’ve had it the other way, was charged for accommodation but meals were free as a ‘free feeder’. But the charges were pretty trivial at the end of the day.

Yeah I didn’t bother claiming in the end.

I had it on camp as a CI where the mess tried to charge me for food. They just didn’t understand the concept of crown feeders, or if they did, that myself and the other CIs were.

I would love to be able to claim food costs back as ultimately, a meal at a service station on route to camp or meal in the mess etc is a lot more expensive than say what I’d have at home. It might be classed as an allowable expense for tax purposes but I really don’t know and it doesn’t impact me enough to look too much into.

Try explaining that at the till of a Sgts mess when there are a group hangry NCO’s stood behind you with their dinners on their plates getting cold… I gave up and just paid, its not expensive for what you get.

Pretty sure it would be, other organisations give expenses for food quite readily and often