Civilian Committee Members REQUIRED for an Edinburgh Squadron

I have recently joined an RAFAC Civilian Committee connected to an Edinburgh Squadron, we were supposed to have 5 sitting on CC but due to unforeseen circumstances we look to have lost 3 of the CC Members, if there are any Parents or Aviation Orientated Adults that would like to get involved in being CC Members at an Edinburgh Squadron I would welcome a Private Message or a Direct Message on here as we do need to have a Full Compliment of CC Members to ensure we can offer the Air Cadets the best support they deserve.

I look forward to any responses & more details can be forwarded to any interested parties.

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Welcome to the forums @PJKAIR!

Have you tried reaching out to your Wing CC? A good Wing CC should hopefully be able to help when you are low on numbers. That extra bit of support can always be useful!

Hi Joe,
Yes that is an Avenue that I am sure we could go down, however the desire to have a Civilian Committee made up from Parents of Air Cadets or Aviation motivated Adults is probably the best mix that I would like to see for this Unit.

Already I am seeing different concepts being discussed that I didn’t realise were within the Air Cadet set up. I joined the Civilian Committee because I have Business Interests in Aviation & am intending to use my Aviation Contacts to give our Air Cadets the best opportunies in the Aviation environs ( Something much needed after the Bankuptcy of Tayside Aviation ).

Sadly having been watching the operations of Tayside Aviation since it was acquired by a few acquaintances & latterly resold to the last known owners I always felt it was a business that was running on ‘empty’ The last owner did throw a lot of money at it trying to keep it running but the coffers are now depleted.

I was given a Great start in life in terms of support given to help me into Aviation & now I feel it is my time to ‘pay it forward’ & the Air Cadet network is the chosen way.

I live by this Statement : " I have also found a ‘surefire’ way to make a small fortune out of Aviation… Start with a bigger fortune :wink: "

Sound’s like you’ve got great intention of helping out! I wish you all the best, and just hope our nonsensical policies don’t get in the way!

Wing CC wouldn’t need to replace your CC, they could temporarily sit while numbers come up or at least keep watch and assist with growth.

As you’re building up essentially from scratch, they can support and guide with policy help and best practice procedure where relevant.


Have a cadet awards night.

A some point in the proceedings ( later on is better) someone has to give a pointed presentation to the assembled parents along the lines of,

A, Lovely to see the cadets doing so well and enjoying what they are doing.

B, Great staff, lovely building , latter if relevant, great opportunities for your cadets.

C, But, we are an excepted charity and under UK charity law are required to have charity trustees to raise and manage our funds. Our civilian committee are our trustees, and at present we only have two which is not enough.

D, Unless some of you come forward this evening to act as trustees then the squadron may be legally forced to close. ( So you loose your teenager babysitting service !!) .

That has worked for me in several squadrons I have been sent into with similar issues. But you must be BLUNT, no Mr Nice guy. Wear something distinctive, so that parents can find you afterwards, have a good handful of the CC sign up forms to hand, get those signed up on the night having talked through the legal requirements and checks that are undertaken on potential CC members.

Now I am unsure if the charity regs in Scotand are different to England but I doubt it,

In practise as a squadron chair I would talk to your wing chair first, but many squadron’s are in the same position as you currently and he/she only has one pair of hands, he/she may have a deputy or assistant he could send in but thats likely to be it. So its really in your hands to resolve, parents will only act if they think they will loose their teenager sitting service, they will attend an awards night but nothing else so thats the time to get them.

Its unlikely that you would get closed in practise especially with the charity changes that are coming down the track but the parents dont know that.

Let me know how it goes,