Civcom vs Registered Civcom

Really after advice on the differences?

Does this help?

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ACP 20 also has some detail on this subject, but on mobile right now so can’t really direct to where.

Naturally some things are out of date in that thread, but Reg Civ Com in 2022 are subject to all the requirements CIs are - Enhanced DBS, BPSS, ACTO99, AVIP.

Also see: ACTO99 and ACP11.

Pretty sure they’re going ahead with killing off the reg route to new applicants though…

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No new Reg Civ Comm.
Existing ones retain their status but more applicants accepted.

I think it created too many grey areas because it required too many updates to ACTOs etc to add Reg Civ Com everywhere they referenced CI.

Where has this been promulgated?

This was confirmed to all Regional Chairs via email in March, to be cascaded. A corresponding IBN has been drafted but not yet issued

The great, comprehensive comms prices strikes again!


That’s dog muck. Right there.

I understood there had been several issues nationwide with various CivCom members, hence mandating the DBS requirement… but I’ve seen this, combined with “going electronic”, lose us huge numbers of good volunteers who either can’t cope with the IT or haven’t got photo ID, bill-paying responsibility etc., and are too embarrassed to admit it. Mentioned this in a Wing committee meeting and was really pleased when someone then felt brave enough to say yes, that exactly applied to them, but they hadn’t wanted to make a fuss…