CivCom Secretary email address / Outlook 365


Excited as i am about the role out of personal email addresses for all staff , including civcom, i notice that civcom secretaries still dont have a “role” account, and as such also dont have access to an Office 365 licence?

I would have thought that a role that primarily involves documenting meetings, sending emails, and other such administrative tasks, would warrant such a “role” email and a licence?



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It is my understanding that “role” accounts will be disappearing all together so don’t worry about it!

I’ve never understood why secretaries don’t get a role account but I believe costing has always been cited as a reason.

arr ok - fair enough - still be nice for those doing a secretary role to get access to word etc though maybe?

The role account mailboxes will be converted to shared mailboxes as the last phase in the personal accounts project. This means that when you login to your personal account, you will be able to see your role mailboxes all in one place.

This is being discussed right now and I also believe that there is a valid business case for CWC secretaries to be issued with a personal account* which includes an Office 365 E1 license.

  • bearing in mind that lots of people will be issued with a personal account which does not have an office license but will allow them to access the LMS and VP etc (such as Staff Cadets who do not hold an executive role on a unit).
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I too have always thought that of all the committee positions, the secretary is probably the one who needs a RAFAC email address the most.


No arguments here :slight_smile: