Civcom in closed Facebook groups

Would you allow your civcom members access to your squadron closed Facebook group? Assuming the group is for parents and cadets and staff.


I think it’s need to know really. What is it that goes on in there that they need access to?

If there’s a valid reason, I can’t see any huge issues.

If intended for the Cadets, parents and Staff what benefit is there for CWC members to get those notifications?
None. If anything (and I experienced this on a previous Sqn) the page becomes a nuisance as it’s notifying me each time a Cpl breaths.

So it must looked at the flip side. Not what do the CWC get from the group but the group gain from the CWC input…arguably anything the CWC wish to address/being to the Cadets attention can be done via the OC posting on their behalf.

One danger of course is stepping over the Mark. It is all too easy for a CWC member to believe they know best being “part if the Sqn” and speak out of turn/incorrectly state something with a self-belief of authority believing they are doing good…

So on both arguments I see no benefit…

Of course this becomes grey when parents and CWC are the same people!

With the addition of registered civ com members, as well as civ com members who were once uniformed and maybe have a working knowledge I can see a benefit… if monitored.

Why not? The CWC like it or not are an intrinsic part of the squadron, more so than parents.

We’ve had a closed FB group for a couple of years and it has been useful, but we don’t advertise activities in advance except community events and cadets cannot put themselves forward if they hear about something, as this means cadets don’t need to bother coming to the squadron.

We’ve never had anyone do anything more than ask questions, which gets the response come to the squadron for the briefing.

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I would more readily accept civcom onto a closed FB group than I would parents. They are a part of the squadron personnel after all.

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The civ com are on our closed group. They can see what is going on in the sqn and when i ask for support i can point all of the wonderful activities we have done.


Know one ‘closed’ groups who’s only admin is Civ Comm Chair. Discuss that!

If they’ve got the time and or inclination to sit around with their phone or sitting on a PC waiting for something, they are probably best placed.

I can’t see why you would exclude them, surely you would want the best possible relationship between the Squadron and its Committee. By excluding them you’re sending a clear message about what you’re trying to hide.

Out of interest, what do you say to your under 13 year old cadets about access to the group?

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I’m sure facebook rules state you must be over a certain age to join anyway, if that’s what you’re referring to then we’re not the police so if they join cadets, they’re just as entitled to the same information as everyone else and on the same platform.

Under 13s will just have to turn up to the squadron and read the noticeboards.

Yes, I was referring to the age requirements of Facebook. Just don’t know where the Squadron stands as it could be seen to be encouraging cadets to use a platform they are not permitted to use. We used to use TeamApp until one day (due to their interpretation of GDPR) a confirmation box came up asking all users to confirm they were over 16. Most of the cadets lied and ticked the box, some asked parents and lost access so it became difficult. Now we push everything through a website that we are in control of. Its a can of worms for sure.

I can’t believe you’re expecting people to actually do something as controversial as that!

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I’m not the facebook police so it doesn’t bother me one way or the other. If a child already has a smartphone then there is a high chance they’re already on the same sites as someone a year older than them


Exactly. Who cares. Their facebook says they’re over 13 so who are we to go searching for proof…

I realise this is an old post but I’m new on here - and probably need to change my user name to something less identifiable!!!
however! we have two closed FB groups - the sqn one and a Friends of sqn one. We encourage parents of under 13’s to sign up to both the sqn and the friends of one. Once cadets turn 13 and have their own account they sing up to the sqn one.
The sqn group is used mainly for communications between cadets and sqn staff/CI’s
the friends one on used for civcomm and parents to communicate and for parents to ask questions - staff are on both and civcomm are on both so we can all help out

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A question, why “sqn staff/CIs” shouldn’t it be just sqn staff?