Civ Comm Member transfer

Anyone know the process of a Civ Comm member transferring to another Sqn with in the same Wing?


Are they a Civ Com or Reg Civ Com?

Sqn Civ com, wanting to another Sqn Civ Com

Stand down as a member of one civcom and join the new one?

I think with SMS and Personal Bader account that might of changed…

As far as I am aware there is no current transfer process for regulation civ com members.

Baring in mind that they are elected as members of the Sqns Civ Com and trustees of the Sqns account, they would need to stand down from one Sqn and then be re-elected on to the new sqns civ com.

They can carry their DBS across.
It may be possible for WHQs to transfer their SMS profile from one Sqn to another.

Bit of a cluster what with personal accounts etc etc.

If they leave and then get re-entered it would make a new personal account.

Presents the issue of new duplicate personal account. As above.

I am more than happy to be corrected on all of that. But there is definitely the issues of…

  1. It’s not an appointment but an elected position.
  2. Duplication of SMS profiles and therefore personal accounts.

thanks, no issue with the 1st, the incoming Civ Com are more than happy for her to join and the civ com chair of the loosing unit is supportive.

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well you learn something everyday… in SMS their is a transfer button for Civ Com members…

That’s a function for WHQ use only… ditto suspend and discharge.

What this would tell me is that, WHQ can transfer their SMS profile.
But this individual would still have to be elected onto the new cov com.

What a rigmorale…
Personally I would get rid of all that civ com beauracy, totally unnecessary.
Sqn Cdr as ‘chair’
Adj as secretary
Any suitable staff as treasurer.

Still complies with charity law.

It’s only RAFAC rules which says money to be handled separately.

Which is why I found it confusing that RCs can be trustees of the region general account…

Maybe I’m mistaken but OC LaSER is definately a trustee of the LaSER general purposes fund charity according to the charity commissions website.

I know nothing of the BS at wing level civ coms and above… as far as I have ever been made aware that’s all basically made up and do what they want.

No one cares enough or checks / audits them thoroughly. Hence why monies disappear far too often from all levels.

Far too often, being at all.

Thanks all, turns out its really easy - the owning unit does a transfer just like you would for a member of staff or cadet…

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