Civ Com - Enhanced DBS Check

Today really is news day!

Letter from the Comdt & Corps Chair about the need to complete Enhanced DBS Checks on all Civilian Committee members by virtue of being trustees of a children’s charity. I’ve no issue with this but I’m sure we’ll see some departures from an admin burden.

The best news is that this will not be paper based but using the Online version, paid via the GPF.

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Both good steps to take, DBS for CivCom and using an electronic version. The letter should have said how this was being done though, as yet again we’ve only got half the story.


Why cant they make this the rule for everyone.


Our WHQ sent out paper versions for CivCom members to fill out ages ago as they knew this change was incoming! Great to see the electronic version is going to be used though. Makes a big difference to the ease of getting it done.


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Am I missing something, there’s no info as to how to do it?

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HQAC: This can be done via the much easier and much quicker online system!

Staff: Wow that’s great, this will really help the new CI who wants to join the squadron.

HQAC: CI? Lol, it’s not for them silly. They need to do the old paper based version, jump through a million extra hoops, mess around sending it to wing, etc…I can see your confusion though.

Staff: …

HQAC: Also it takes 14x as long :grin:


I’ll give it 6 months before the civ com have to do climatic injuries, fire, safeguarding, security etc. etc. as well.


Nope you’re not.

Another cluster brought to you by HQAC.

Utterly useless bunch of

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I don’t believe there is a price difference between online and paper DBS and for volunteers there isn’t supposed to be a charge and the charity isn’t supposed to be charged either so what cost 🤷


the admin behind a DBS still has to be paid for, it just doesn’t get contributed to by the volunteer.

The reason it’s online is because ~3-4000 DBS applications on top of the normal renewals etc would utterly swamp the existing system. They are paying for an external company to manage the whole process for this one-off event.

When it comes to renewing all those Civ Com, hopefully we’ll have an online system for everyone.

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although that may be the case there are the soft charges of paper copies

paper and printing, envelopes and posting, and then posting back up the chain and the time delay that causes…all “costs” associate with paper copies that digital applications don’t have
(digital copies don’t get lost either)

You make it sound like it’s currently running with optimal efficiency that must be protected…


Does a DBS actually cover financial matters?

@Turbo that would make them effectively staff, so able to do staff roles, a way of back-filling CFAV vacancies.

It covers any convictions for financial crime

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It will be interesting to see how many CWC members take up the offer, given that many of them just like to come along and help out at events and only attend meetings to see what’s going on.

Then thee are the requests to parents to help out at events, will that be allowed if they handle money?

I would love my Civ Com to warrant having a DBS check. I have been with my unit over 20 years and I have never seen the Civ Com at any fundraising events, these are always run by the CFAV.

Sounds like your OC needs to get a grip. Quick.

All the Civ Com we have had are parents who attend meetings but are never involved.

We have had c7 OCs during the 20+ year period and not one has managed to encourage the Civ Com to get involved unfortunately.

A DBS won’t make them anymore enthusiastic to do things. A DBS is little more than an MOT to work with kids/vulnerable groups.

The majority of CWC would fold without parents, so that’s not a problem per se. I quite like new parents getting involved as it brings new ideas for snaffling a few quid from punters. We had a couple who were into baking and I couldn’t believe what they sold them for. or rather got people to donate

It would look like either the OC hasn’t said fundraising is their bag and left them to it or likes being the one handling the money. Come sun, rain, snow the people I have had as CWC have enjoyed the social aspect of fundraising while getting a few quid in the pot. If they weren’t doing the fundraising I’d be mentioning it to them and then to the Wg Chairman.