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We are a small squadron who generally tend to struggle with both staff and cadet numbers. I wondered if anyone knew what was behind CFAV’s being prevented from joining the civilian committee and vice versa? I know that for my squadron it would certainly alleviate many problems should this be allowed in future and i’m sure we’re not the only ones who would benefit.

The Civ Com is there to manage the money seaperatly from the staff, so if the staff were on the Civ Com team that would be fundementaly againt how the sqn is supposed to be run.

There isn’t actually a stated reason as to why, however the general reason given is that CFAVs shouldn’t be handling money, that’s what the CWC is for. It’s a bit of a non-answer though. There is no way that a serving CFAV can stand on the Squadron Commitee.

That said however, the other way around does work. If you have current CWC members who wants to take part more in activities/have additional responsibilities, you can have them appointed as a ‘Registered Civilian Committee Member’ This means they can do essentially anything a CI can. It’s a bit backwards that it’s okay one way but not the other.

Information RE getting a CWC member ‘registered’ is in ACP 20, PI 401, para 8.

I heard a rumour from a generally reliable source that registered CWC was going to be done away with.

Well that was all a waste of time then

I find the whole thing suspicious, the reason we were given is they want more ci’s to move into uniform but as was said earlier a small squadron would struggle. Could we be moving towards an army cadet model by any chance? No civ com and central funding.

Potentially, see this thread here:

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Wont work.


Won’t stop them.


Could you engage your Wing to assist here. For example, those Cuv Com that want to help actually do become CIs and your Wing Civ Com provide members whilst more are recruited. Or would another sqn near you help out by supplying some civ com to assist. As the rules allow, get your current civ com as registered members so that they can help whilst you get assistance from Wing or another Sqn.

There is a hugs difference between CWC members wanting to help and becoming a member of staff. I’ve had CWC members with particular interests and skills we can use to broaden the things for cadets to do, for a long time. I would not ever suggest them becoming staff.

A Civcom members willing to help, can only do so with the presence of a CFAV, simply because the CWC have not undergone the necessary training, which of course includes safeguarding. Ironically a CWC in the capacity of a charity trustee has certain obligations and that includes safeguarding. The RAFAC earlier in the year thought it a good idea that all CWC should be subject to enhanced DBS checks, even thought according to the Bebarring service says that enhanced checks are only a requirement where the individual is involved in the delivery of a regulated activity. There is a mismatch here is that the Regulated activity is provided by the RAFAC which is not a charity, but they were proposing to use charitable monies to service an external firm processing applications - all of this under threat of removal if there was non compliance with this order. So we have moved towards Civcom being controlled or directed by the RAFAC, despite the fact that they are actually independently elected individuals, who do not serve the RAFAC but support their own Unit, for which purpose their Charity was solely created. CAC McCafferty seemed to have certain ideas about overall control which did tended to ignore the niceties of charity law, and I think any further progress down that road will see Civcoms disappear as we know them; the only problem is that I doubt that there will be any more funds made available from the Defence budget - in fact expansion of the Corps is looking to be dependent on the Education budget. At her exit the CAC apparently felt inclined towards a review, and the various letters now circulating stem from that - the question is how they will maintain charitable status. CCFs usually happen to be part of a body which has its’ own Charitable status, with funding within the control of the Headmaster. Should prove quite interesting to see how they propose to maintain the Cadet experience for our Guys, and take into account all the work done by the good Civcoms, without alienating them.
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I suppose we could just let the committees at the local rugby clubs take over? :man_shrugging:


Or complete the required mandatory training and run an event without CFAV needing to be present…