CILOR and Overseas expeditions

Quick one, is CILOR exclusively for UK based camps eating in the messes, or can it be claimed for overseas expeditions?

I recall being able to claim CILOR when at Windermere and self catering, which made me think it was potentially available.

Anyone any experience?

There is a document entitled “Worldwide CILOR rates” available on the Defence Gateway so one would assume so.

Reading JSP456, it is available for overseas unless it is for “sports tours”, but expeditions are listed separately so you should be safe.

As far as I’m aware there is a ban on public funding for overseas expeditions. VA, anything you’d normally get all cut back.

Love to see someone prove me wrong though :slight_smile:

I’ve messaged Finance asking to claim so will see what they say!

We haven’t even bothered attempting it. Nothing seems to get through, so we’ve given up trying.

We budget for everything ourselves, then write bids to Ulysses Trust, RAFCT or anybody else we can think of to ask for support to offset the overall expedition costs.

Its frankly easier than dealing with Handbrake House.

Last year we even got a letter from one of our Sponsors thanking us for making these opportunities available to our young people and recognising our efforts in making it happen.

From HQAC, Rg or even Wg? Maybe it got lost in the post…

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If it’s from a HQAC it probably got lost at Region and Wing :joy::joy: