CI Probationer

Hi all,

Quick question as this seems odd and don’t understand.

Can CI (probationer) attend RIAT or any other activity within the ACO, I have been doing this for a few months and just want to clarify?

I’ve been told that I’m on the list for RIAT but want to save myself some hassle incase it’s questioned?

Erm… define probationer?

Was an ex-cadet, became a CI when I aged out, but have not yet received a CI number but have attended activities as staff since I aged out?

As you became a CI directly after being a cadet you are not required to serve a period of probation (PI 401 para 8) but you can’t be fully appointed until criminal checks have been completed (which they probably were beforehand) and HQAC gets through the backlog of staff appointments (which is taking a while at the moment)

Thankyou, so I can still attend activities off the squadron then?

Have you got a reference for that please?

And yes, I have re-done basic 2 and still have a dbs

I quoted the reference in my message - the PIs can be found in ACP20

Thankyou, have found this so I assume that it is all ok “they may not attend annual camps or external activities until they have satisfactorily completed the BASIC”

I would say is you have yet to receive a CI number then you are not a CI and not allowed to be on the sqn. Sound like your CO is stretching the rules in the fact that you have a current DBS clearance (Ex Cdt WO) so he is allowing you to attend the sqn. Anything off Sqn that would be a different matter, no CI number not a current member of the ACO

Totally wrong. All CIs get a temporary Bader number until the point they are processed by HQAC. If there is a DBS (and staff cadet DBS are allowed as long as there isn’t a large gap in lesving/joining) then you can attend Sqn. You need to do the BASIC (which staff cadets have to do beyond 18) to take part in activities.

Thanks for this, I have a number on SMS but not from HQ just yet.

I re-done my BASIC a few weeks back. So it’s not a problem to attend outside activities?

Not a problem at all. Crack on


It took two months for my official appointment to come through but was backdated to the day after my 20th birthday.

Is anyone able to confirm, please, whether the previous arrangement that someone becoming a CI directly-following service as a Staff Cadet remains unchanged ie they are not required to serve a period of probation (the original quoted reg upthread was PI 401 para 8, which when I tried searching for it on Bader, I just went round in circles).

I can’t see why such an internal recruit would need to serve any probation (but: I’m usually wrong on such matters)

Rules haven’t changed, believe it’s now in ACP20 but don’t have time to check right now.

It is.
Whether HQAC have the capacity to enact that policy is another matter!

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