CI Probation


Has the 6 month probation been extended.


It went from 3 to 6 months recently, is that what you mean?


Thanks for the reply.


Any reason why?


No clue sorry!


Thanks, me too🤓


Slow admin.


If that’s it, that is poor.
But then the question is, if it is due to slow admin, why is the admin so slow.

Is it because the basic paperwork takes so long. I never got the baseline security check as the references could be from anyone.

I wonder if it’s because the DBS’ can take more than 3 months and then rather than speed that up, slow down the whole process. Probation should end as soon as the DBS comes through, it’s not like we’re children’s services or anything like that. Given people are not falling through squadron doors, we should be getting people up and running ASAP, not putting hurdles in their way.


For DBS to take three months is absymal, need to change suppliers, mine was through in three weeks for my employer.


I applied for my DBS in January and I’m still waiting…


Is your paperwork still in a dusty draw at HQAC?

Ridiculous, how to discourage I could use another word but won’t, people willing to help the Corps by giving up their valuable time.


Three weeks is slow!! I get them back within 10 working days for non RAFAC voluntary work. Time ‘they’ had a real think about DBS timescales. Schools and colleges manage to get them done in days rather than weeks. If they didn’t they would find prospective staff would look elsewhere.


This seems to be the underlying message, that, and I suspect the admin process around new people becoming CIs. It’s not like it’s a job and they might want to see if they’re really up to it, given they have to pay them.

My last two jobs had 6 month probation periods, for whatever reason. I had one ‘how’s it going’ chat with my line manager in both, after 2-3 months and nothing else.


The problem with DBS in the MOD is it’s all paper based. Fill out a form using a pen :rolleyes:, send it off :rolleyes:, sits in a pile of paper :rolleyes: etc etc etc etc until it gets back to you months later.
I have to do a new DBS for work in September and if as I believe they are accepted from elsewhere by HQAC, if it’s less than 6 months old, my one’s going up to Wing as I cannot be bothered with the ATC paper faff.