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Probably a bone question I know, but does anyone know/understand why CIs who take part in Nijmegen or in a band wear the cadet cap badge and beret whereas CIs taking part in SAAI/Fieldcraft courses don’t wear headdress

On the few courses where CIs are permitted to wear PCS-MTP they should wear Cadet uniform ie with beret and ATC badge for ATC (not CCF) personnel.

See that’s my understanding of the dress regs but I was told on my avip that for fieldcraft/SAAI CIs don’t wear headdress

It’s because when you doing nijmegan or band geekery you are a “military representation” hence the uniform, shooting activities is internal and localised and no external repping the org

Personally I think CI FCI should be able to wear uniform as its military skills… But I don’t write the regs

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ftfy :smiley:


Personally I think this is an abomination.

Want to teach Military Fiekd Skills… go into uniform!!


Ideally yes but given the speed of our onboarding and pre-uniform process and the reluctance of (some) wings to use the direct entry uniform route…

Absolutely. It is part of the SSOT.

AC 71855-C para 2-60 states:

Members of the Cadet Forces are not to carry weapons on exercise whilst dressed in civilian clothing. Role playing enemy are to wear issued uniform or outdated uniform/coveralls. This is to rule out panicking other users or members of the public and unnecessary engagement with the police.

I agree… But in the current situation

In the current situation… ALL wings need to be forced to follow the rules laid out in ACP20 and allow direct entry Adult SNCOs and Officers.

I know of at least 2 wings where they wont allow this under any circumstances and in fact insist on all candidates who want to go into uniform attending their own version of OASC first.

Its nonsense.

And HQAC wonder why we haven’t got the volunteer numbers!

Idiots, jobsworths and deviants at every level.

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My Wing do this.

They’ve also recently decided that they want to “board” potential Civ Com members…

I agree - and as it is in the regulations it should apply at all times!

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Well that’s not okay. The only people who should be ‘boarding’ potential CWC members would be the current trustees of the CWC they are joining. It’s their vote, not Wings! At least for now…


Aires? Is that you?

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Nah, that post’s only three sentences long :wink:

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