Christmas Message

Have just read this years Christmas message from the boss, looks like it was written by the legal team.
Personally I don’t think it comes over as a very sincere message.


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Have you got a link??

Was it tweeted?

Says it all when it gets Twittered!! What about those not on

That’s because wishing someone a sincere Christmas, is xenophobic, racist, bigoted, sexist, fatphobic, ableist and down right offensive, whilst promoting animal abuse.


I can imagine it being made mandatory that we all have corporate Twit and Slapface accounts so we can all be kept on message and regularly pay homage to the great and the good.

IF FB had a “don’t be such a pillock” rather than just “like” then it would be much more fun to use.


Getting rid of Facebook is quite literally the best thing you can do.

One of their own CEOs spoke out against it, saying it was tearing the fabric of support. Funny he spoke out after his pay check :wink:

I couldn’t agree more, but the genie is out of that bottle. There are a lot of squadrons and other youth organisations rely far too heavily on social media IMO.

I think the best they could do is put a minimum age on it of say 16 (where parents have to authorise) and 18 for self authorisation. Anyone who wants to dabble in social media has to get a number issued, once DoB etc has been verified, via the Post Office for a fee, that has to be used to access the sign up pages of social media sites. This might help to stop some of BS that adversely affects teenagers.

We have age restrictions placed on things that are felt to be dangerous to children, such as alcohol and smoking, so why not social media?

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Good idea in principle.

In practice -,_nobody_knows_you're_a_dog

Easier than visiting a post office which closed down a few years ago would be a card transaction for a nominal amount (a penny) as most banks won’t give you anything but a cash card until you’re 16/18.

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there are already age limits on Facebook (13) and others (SnapChat) but those pesky kids get around it with fake DoBs…

the idea of regulated approval overcomes this…but would anyone actually accept it? it would have to be universal else people would pick and choose their platform. if it is needed for one and not the other people will vote with their feet (or clicks)

How about parents actual parent rather than expecting everyone else to parent their kids.

my wife is a teacher, for about 25% of the kids in her class, the very last people you’d want ‘parenting’ them are their parents.

I imagine that’s easier said than done today. Although not buying them phones, tablets etc until they are 14/15 would help. I’ve seen primary school kids walking around with their faces buried in phones, parents letting their little ones use their phones to keep them quiet and similar, so parents bow to the pressure as their kids see others and a won’t say no.

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Actually, yea, I would agree with that.

There’s your answer, doing it for the quiet option, instead of actually parenting.

What I find worse, is the kid being ignored while the parents are glued to their phones.

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That changed years ago.

With “tech,” kids are far ahead of most parents - the son of one of our friends was on-line battle gaming until the early hours, so father (an IT-linked person!) applied the relevant parental block on the laptop - no internet access after 2300 hrs. The clever teenager merely changed the access timings (via BIOS) to fit in with his preferred schedule!!

Went to a school “IT / Social Media / Parental Awareness” presentation about 5 yrs ago - the presenter (deputy Head / IT manager) & numerous parents had HUGE gaps in their awareness / security knowledge. None of them knew about TOR, few if any knew of anonymous browsing / history, VPNs, etc, it was laughable.

Whatever any apps / social media sites incorporate as pre-authorisation or protection will be ignored by many & overcome by the rest!

Even then, you will get a lambasting from someone who thinks that there are nasty connotations to a social media post

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Oh my god. That link. Society is doomed. Stupidity is everywhere.

Of course. It’s political correctness gone mad :roll_eyes:


Just google “Is Christmas offensive” and see the streams of political correct stupidity.

No one actually cares, except for the Daily Mail who keep the “Christmas is offensive” bit up to sell papers/drive internet traffic.

No one except for a few real nutcases care if people use Merry Christmas, all of the “Winterval” and associated such events has nothing to do with avoiding offence.