China & Russia


That must have been a brown pants moment for everyone involved!

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That would include Truss as well at some point in the CoC… :worried:

Personal opinion.

On behalf of all the persecuted Urghur’s.
I truly hope the day that Xi Jinping is unceremoniously dragged out of the politburo like the former chinesse leader Hu Jintao was today, happens very soon.

Ideally with a personal apprerance following at the Hague.


So now we’ve had Russian rockets killing people inside a NATO country. Depending on how Poland react to this “accident” things could get interesting


Still nothing properly confirmed. But yes, once confirmed this could possibly change things. America is saying they’re looking into it but not confirming anything. Interesting that they added “When it comes to our security commitments and Article 5, we’ve been crystal-clear that we will defend every inch of Nato territory”


It’s looking a little spicy.

It’s quite worrying with the rhetoric they’ve been on about in recent months as well.
I’m hoping it isn’t going to be knee jerk reactions over this. The idea of article 5 being involved will have massive consequences on the global stage. The possibility of ground war in Europe drags US eyes away from Taiwan, meaning China might have a pop, and Israel, meaning the Arab League may have a pop.

Very spicy. Not a good time to be non-effective at home…

More likely that the West will react by allowing Ukraine to hit Russia itself.

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Everybody’s going to do everything they can to avoid further conflict.

It’s not going to kick off any more than it already is doing.


I’m hoping that’s the case, further escalation is not needed…

Not a chance.
If Ukraine attacks Russia, russia will respond with everything.
Putin would have no choice, if he hoped to maintain his image as strongman.

They already did… And not much happened.

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Chemical or nuclear weapons used… i must have missed that one.

Also they could use a lot more naval power, they havent to date.

They have actually used a very small portion of their forces thus far.

Dont let their general ineptitude fool Anyone into thinking they havent got escalation routes.

I maybe wasn’t clear. Ukraine has already attacked Russia directly. Notably they managed to blow up an oil depot within Russian territory.

Ah i see.

But also that wasnt declared or immedistly obvious.
Plus, admitting the incident, make putin look small and weak.

Small and weak like his dishrevelled herpes ridden tiny little pee pee.

Or so the internet tells us.

Given past statements recently reiterated that any attack deliberate or accidental on NATO soil would warrant a response, I expect just that - although a proportional one. I don’t anticipate full Article 5 over this, but instead perhaps a limited no-fly zone at the borders and freedom to intercept missiles.

Of course, Poland may choose to do their own thing. :hot_pepper:

So looks like it was the Ukrainians by accident.

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They are protesting, but looks most likely.

Sighs of relief all around and a moment spared for the Poles who died through no fault of their own

Two items of news today

is anyone surprised by this?

this one however - more interesting


We have more chance of this happening

than that arrest warrant ever being used.