Chest rigs

My contingent was getting rid of a load of old DPM kit so Ive now got a ton of it, including a NI chest rig.

Just wondering if there are any regs banning them, and if anyone has one some tips on fit/your setup.


Vile bits of kit that will rub you and be uncomfortable if you need to also carry a day sack. Also a pain to lay down and crawl in.

I’d bin it/eBay it.

The RAFAC policy on load carrying equipment prefers the vest or webbing setup as it is easier to distribute the weight properly.

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Agree with @bob1 - chest rig is made for mounted troops, and only really to carry ammo. Not really fit for our purposes.

PLCE webbing is still good, and if you have some in plain OG, ally too

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Ok ok…
I’m going to have to ask…

I see people put ‘its ally’ or ‘makes you ally’ etc etc…
Always kit related.

Can someone explain this to me with context. Please. Ta.

Ally means a bit of kit that is cool, often (in my understanding) made cool by the fact that certain people/units used it.

Have no clue where it came from. This article explains it better:

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Or here: Allyness - ARRSEpedia

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Very enlightening. Ta.

Apparently im ‘ally’…
Either that or a total non-conformist. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Para smock
Green PLCE
Desert Boots
Mk 1 Munro daysack?

I’m definitely not commenting…

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Para smocks aren’t as ally as Arctic Smocks these days.

I was killing some time on Google earlier and found an Arc’teryx jacket in MTP for nigh on a grand…

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The late great military historian Richard Holmes was hilarious on this subject in a talk he gave at our school, running through the fashions from the 1970s onwards.

Ex-regular CFAVs often betray their age by which items they continue to consider ‘ally’ long after the rest of the world has moved on.

It all goes in cycles anyway. Look at OG jumpers.


I definitely draw the line at puttees

Recently saw a regular Flt Lt in MTP, with an OG jumper on.


I do it at unit too.

Why can’t I be warm without having to wear a field jacket?

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Good drills. Was he Regt?

Couldn’t see any additional embroidery on his rank slide, so just a “standard” Flt Lt.

I’ve got an OG Sweatshirt I sometimes wear when in the field doing FT training.