Cheese Wedging (Sizing a Squad)

When I joined the cadets back in 2017 we had three ways to form up on are squadron.
1: The normal way for first and last parade
This is where you just do tallest on the right and go on from there

2: Right marker
This is where they call right marker, then they call get on parade and everyone marches forward but stays in the same formation as before, so would of formed up before as per 1.

3: Cheese Wedging (Witch is a combination of 1 & 2)

So what Would happen is you’d call right marker and then the right marker would march 15 paces forward. You’d then call tallest on the right … But I haven’t done it since 2017, so does it really exist? Or should you be formed up before you do right marker?

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  1. is form up in haphazard sizing from a single rank at the back into a squad at the front

  2. is the second step of THEN doing the sizing?

  3. is calling the marker forward as per 1, then straight into a sized single rank on the markers position?

If you want a sized squad in half the time, although not in the book, I don’t see it as a problem doing no3.

I’ve seen it done before.

We’re back to the guidelines thing again, if it’s not in the book it doesn’t technically exist, but adjusting according to situational needs is valid.

If the individuals’ moves are made correctly, and it it looks as smart as a jostling rabble getting into a single line can, then crack on. Just don’t make it the norm.

Something like this, though, it pays to brief them what you’re going to do and not just throw the commands out.