Charity Exchange for Microsoft Office

Has anyone had any joy with this?

We’ve had a go using the Charity Exception Numbers in ACP8, but the problem appears to be that several units share each Number. Therefore, most are taken. Any ideas?

No. They won’t accept you. Sorry.

Having looked into this before, it seems unfortunately you have to be a registered charity, which we at squadron are not. Instead we are are registration exempt, and have a charity exemption number, rather than a charity number.

Of course, HQAC could register. Maybe even each Wing has their own charity number, I don’t know.

Yes and we use them with good results

Are you going to bother explaining how?

That wasn’t the question asked you rude man.

Register for gift aid first then use this and exemption number.

Looked into this previously, even spoke to HQAC on the issue. But to no success.

Even asked question re the MS MOD Home User Program, but they will not accept a email address, yet it runs off the MOD server.

Saying that, got MS Office Professional 2016 for £10 through my account.

My sqn have just recently sorted out Gift Aid with HMRC, I’m under the impression that we were issued with a new Charity Number specifically to be used for Gift Aid. might have to try using that number with them.

You managed it eventually then?

Yep, finally managed it. Every project with the Civ Comm seems to apply the rule of pi, 3 tines as long as it should take.

Can you offer any tips on registering for Gift Aid?

Just follow the online registration process and send them a copy of the page from ACP8, the AP1919 online and your accounts. Done.

I’ve not tried that particular one before but in other cases where someone has stated they require an MOD email address I’ve simply used
All address are a synonym of the equivalent.


Yes used them before. PM me and I’ll send the details over.

Used them a couple of months ago, no problem and did it all using my email address.