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Good evening everyone,

Can anyone point me in the direction of the form that I need to send to wing to inform them that I have changed my address? Someone informed me that I need to inform my wing, but they don’t know what form it is. I have updated the address on SMS myself.

I’ve done a quick search and I haven’t been able to find anything on here.



Surely updating SMS is exactly how you do it?


You would think so but…

Because the RAFAC has two indipendant admin systems nobody has made them talk to each other. A paper trail is still needrd for both systems to be congruent.


I thought that once. I fell foul of using such logic.


I understand the two-system issue, but why can’t SMS just issue an alert to the person who has to change it on Universe when the user updates something?


I just changed my address on SMS, no one even mentioned it.


I thought it did too - I’ve had staff who’s personal details are highlighted in red on the SMS because it doesn’t match the universe records.

They still had to submit a form, though… :ohmygod:


Accts 7101b - Change of Address and Milage Notification


@themajor may be correct - when I did it 9 months ago I just told wing and they sent through whatever was needed!


That’s the one, just had to do it myself

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