Changes in Charity Structure

Following the stated withdrawal of our current excepted charitable status by DEFRA and the changes that are coming down the track by 2025 as a result.

The new regime is being put into place in Northern Region and maybe one of the Welsh or south west regions to iron out any issues before the rest of the roll out.

Hows it going so far ?, we are hearing nothing about the progress or problems/issues that may have occurred from above. Just want our wing to be as prepared as we can be.

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Not seen/heard anything about the new system yet down in SW region.

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I’ve heard nothing about how the trials are going. But I am LaSER and AFAIK we are not doing any of the CWC trials.

I heard somewhere in the midlands was being trialled, and it wasn’t going well with the joint bank accounts. I can’t remember the exact reasoning though, sorry!

We’re trying it in Durham & North’d - hope to hear more at next Wing Comm. in a few weeks; think we’re not merging bank accounts but trying to coordinate centrally - will see if this acceptable/works; think enough of our Civ. Com’s have challenges already so it’s definitely going to be imperfect, question is - what’s better/worse/liveable/workable! I’m expecting vocal discussion at next meeting (i.e. Padre’s Report to be 8.59pm as usual :slight_smile: )

We are in the Midlands, as far as I am aware none of our adjoining wings are trialling it.