Change requests....BADER Sharepoint

so in a moment during my lunch hour I thought i would take a look at Sharepoint see if i can spot anything else which may have changed without warning and notice and find to my surprise the following line on the ACO Controlled documents front page

If you notice an error or omission in any document on this site please click on the ‘Change Requests’ button in the left hand bottom corner of this site under the heading ‘List’.[/quote]

out of interest i find and read such requests…

some interesting reads where contradictions or clarification are requested…

the biggest un-surprise…they are all active, dating back to 2011 :ohmy:

is this not the epitome of the voice of the CFAV and the reaction from HQAC? or is this yet another BADER based feature that is not being used as it should?

Have added one of my own… will let you know how it gets on!

The person who was responsible for monitoring that site, shuffled off a while ago and there isn’t the money to replace them. Apparently.

If you have an important function in the real world one or more people pick it up, under the clause whatever management decide they want you to do within or below your grade. What this suggests is that either they don’t follow what is a well establshed practice or more likely it’s not regarded as important as it is largely generated by the uwashed, ooops I mean volunteer staff and is needed by us to make the Corps workable.