CFC Scroll


Two steps forward, three steps back.



Does this mean that those who are on both CCF and ATC units (or transfer between the two) now get two Scrolls? Not asking for me I hasten to add. What about two lots of VA as they would have two separate commissions?


When - if - I get a RAFAC scroll, I shall frame it and hang it in my toilet.

I do hope its thoroughly absorbent…


Watch out for splinters from that frame, though…


… and perforated


As soft as Kleenex not San Izal, for those old enough to remember it.


Indeed, its a farce - I would of though it should be CFC not a “Branch” as such. Given all the noise from the CAC, Head of CCF and the various RC’s about woking more closely together and one team, one goal blah, blah etc, etc, I shocked that they do that AND state that CCF officers wear the CCF badge rather than the standard TRF - so really are creating another “stream”… 25 years in this game and every year the powers that be seem to make the job harder, more complex, stressful and forget that the Cadets is what it is all about…


What’s wrong with Izal … excellent tracing paper – again for those old enough to remember tracing pictures and not just downloading from the internet.