CFC Eligibility

I’m planning on going for a commission (currently Sgt) and am having a problem interpreting what ACP20 is telling me:

a. Be serving in the RAFAC, and served at least 12 months, as a non-commissioned officer; WO/FS/Sgt (ATC).

b. Be serving in the RAFAC, and served at least 12 months, as a Civilian Instructor (CI).

Do you think these timeframes are additive or that the clock resets when you become a Sgt?

As it’s written, it doesn’t appear to be cumulative. However that seems a bit silly to me! Surely the point of the policy is that you have 12 months experience of the organisation before applying?

I’d start the process, and see what happens!

Those timelines are there to ensure the full probationary period for each role is completed before applying for another role. If you have been appointed as a SNCO you will need to complete 12 months in rank and attend CIC before applying for a commission.


Surely this is no longer relevant, as it’s now the same course, is it not?

Also to add, the 12 months has nothing to do with the probationary period. You could do the course in the first week and still be ‘on probation’ for the full 12 months.

Thus, I’d say if someone has done 12 months total as CI+SNCO, surely they meet the criteria for CFC?


If you completed the old SSIC and now want to commission then you still need to attend the new CIC. If you complete CIC as a SNCO and then subsequently wish to commission you do not need to repeat the course. It is still expected to be completed as a SNCO before starting a CFC application.


I’m not in any way involved in CFC interviews but wouldn’t the fact you’ve been appointed as a Sgt and now want to become an Officer all within less than 12 months potentially work against you? How come you didn’t go for a commission straight away? :sweat_smile:

Yes, exactly. This is why you need to do 12 months as a SNCO to complete your conditions of appointment before applying for CFC.


But the criteria for applying for CFC doesn’t mention probation period, or attendance of CIC/SSIC etc at all. It just mentions 12 months served.

As it’s written, someone who’s done 12 months and 1 day as a CI can apply, but someone who’s done 11 months as a CI then 11 months as an SNCO can’t. Surely it’s just asking for 12 months service as a CFAV.

Easy. You joined as a CI and quickly realised you want to be in uniform to do X, Y and Z. You want to go for a commission, but can’t as you’ve only just joined, so go the SNCO route to at least get cracking. Now they’ve maybe done 6 months as a CI and 6 as a Sgt. Still keen to become an officer

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I don’t think this debate about probation period is relevant, as the CFC eligibility only says 12 months, doesn’t say anything about finished probationary or attended CIC. But in reply to the screenshot:

It says you must complete SSIC within the 12 months probation period. But this again is not relevant as if you complete it in the first month, you’re still on ‘probation’ for the rest of the 12 months.

Plus again, elegibility allows you to be a CI for 12 months before going for CFC. There’s no course for that…

Spot on

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It says 12 months months service as a SNCO, as you are expected to attend CIC in those 12 months of probation then that should have been completed. Intention behind PI 201 is that you are a fully appointed CI, SNCO or Staff Cadet on submitting a CFC application. It’s not just about time served. You can’t apply for a new role if you haven’t completed the conditions of appointment requirements for a previous one.


I think we’ll agree to disagree on this one. We’re both seeing the same policy from two points of view.

As far as I’m concerned, if someone can be a CI for 12 months then apply, then so can someone who’s done 6 months as a CI then 6 as an SNCO. We need more officers, and putting in unnecessary blockers doesn’t help.


That’s a surprise with 1.c. I always assumed if you were an ex CWO, Cdt FS or Cdt Sgt previously ever then you could apply direct to a Commission, not that you only had until 25 to do it.

Guess it makes sense since otherwise you could have an Ex Cdt SNCO from decades ago who may not have relevant knowledge anymore.

I agree that it’s not ideal, but unfortunately those are the regulations we have at present. As I said, it’s not about time served, it’s about completing the conditions of appointment for the role you are currently in before starting another application. For a SNCO that is 12 months service in rank and completion of CIC.

Don’t forget that without a waiver from Regional Commandant, a newly appointed SNCO is not even allowed do any off unit activity where they would have responsibility for cadets for those 12 months of probation.


I always have serious questions for anyone applying to go from SNCO > Officer where they have not completed the 4 years that would make them eligible for promotion to FS via Matrix.

Why did you apply to be an SNCO X time ago but not want to be an Officer?


Oh cos i want to wear the uniform and feel important.

Themajor: so why offucer now?

Feeling important gives me a hard on and turns out my lack ability is out shone by my enthusiasm so much so the Sector Commander has promised me I’ll be the Sqn CO this time next year if I’m commissioned thus here i am

(Not too far from the truth in how some of our CO’s have been appointed in recent times)

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