CFC Appointment Timeframe

Hi all,

I am a CI who has passed both wing & regional commissioning boards awating appointment on Bader as APO. How long does it usually take for this to occur?

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Congratulations. Approx 1-2 years :smiley:

If you’ve passed both your boards, then you’re already an APO - it’s effective as of the end of the final board.

The adding on to Bader is just admin, which could take any amount of time depending on local circumstances.

I think it took around a year before I received my scroll.

We had one recently that did region board in early Dec 23 and was reflected on SMS mid-Feb 24. However, there was XMAS/NY in the middle.

However, like someone mentioned earlier, it is backdated to the board date.

Nothing official yet (email, letter, scroll etc) - just the SMS ‘confirmation’.