CFAV Exit Survey

So, I received an email this morning asking me to fill out a CFAV survey, anyone else receive one? :eyes:

I ask because it suggests within the survey that I have left the organisation (which I have not) and makes me wonder if it is an IT problem or if someone has clicked the wrong button

Welcome to the new surprise discharge procedure. :joy: Did you sign the volunteer agreement?


:joy::joy: Filled it out twice as surprise surprise, Wing “lost” the first signed document


Member of staff from our squadron has received one, no clue why. Currently pestering Wing for an answer.

I thought all ‘exit surveys’ ended up in flie 12 via the shreader.

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Can you let us know what they say? My wing HQ doesn’t work Fridays

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When you take away the word Friday, this sentence still makes sense!!!


I recieved one. My Wing HQ contacted HQAC and found it was a mistake.

seems it was a slip of the mouse button

But fairplay to Ken for 'fessing up!


Well, what did it say?

Did we forcibly remove you because:

A: You failed to sign our worke…volunteers agreement

2: Too much admin which took over your life resulting in forms failing to be sent which meant we removed you.

C: You didn’t keep current with mandatory 2 day first aid courses which resulted in us removing you.

4: You painted and repaired your Sqn for minimal £££ instead of using our over priced, under qualified contractors which meant we removed you.

If we have missed any ways of making your Volunteering for young adults anymore difficult and stressful could you please give us pointe…Advice on how we could have done it better?

Bye :wave:


I received the e mail for this yesterday morning.I filled it in for all the good it will do .Thing is I left almost 12 months ago now.So shouldnt this have come out last year.I also received a further e mail from some IT dude at HQAC stating it had been sent in error to a lot of people who havnt left.So the incompetence of the organisation continues.How many times have we all received e mails or stuff that had been sent in “error”.
I answered all the questions and added a fair few things about the disgrace that is RFCA contractors.Plus all the various other stuff that hacked me off and made me leave something that I once loved.


A lot! Would of taken atleast 30mins to fill it out, definitely not for purpose the a CFAV who has left. Why would they still want to be hassled to fill out feedback forms when they probably left because they had to fill out too many forms already

Because they might still want to help the organisation get rid of some of the problems

They could of done that from the inside. Why wait until they left?

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Because bad news from leavers surveys can be labeled as the griping of malcontents who’s whining has already been overtaken by events and planned changes. Bad news from those still involved is more difficult to sweep under the carpet.


In my experience it can be precisely because they are unable to effect that change that they leave. I almost left because my OC was insane. I complained about them and got transferred. However, the next officer on my old unit who then butted heads with the OC did leave. They were in charge for a few years, in which time every member of staff (bar the ancient CI) who was on the unit when she joined had left the unit by the time she was replaced.


Sounds plausible. But how will an exit survey effect change, the first step is to ensure OC’s are willing to effect change first otherwise surveys are pointless (unless it relates to issues on the unit) how is your old unit doing now btw out of curiosity, better OC?