CFAV Discounts

I was looking back through some old threads and realised that we didn’t have anywhere to document available discounts for CFAVs beyond talking about the Defence Discount Card.

Appreciating that most national chains that offer discounts are a part of either the DDS or Blue Light schemes, do you know of anywhere perhaps small and/or local that offer a discount?

Little bit of trivia, I found out the other week that whilst GoOutdoors offer a 10% forces discount, their DofE discount is 15% + free membership (saving £5/year). So if you’re a DofE leader and have an Adult DofE card, it’s more effective to use that than your DDS card or MOD90.

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I didn’t know the membership was free, and I’ve been using my DofE leader there for years!

I was told it’s only a recent thing, but then some others have said it’s been free for years. So who knows what the craic is, but it’s free now!

I have just saved £53 on an air fryer with my DDS card - well worth it !

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Got 32% off my Misses car when we bought it 3 years back…

Hard to beat a £12k saving.

Honda, before anyone asks.

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I thought I did alright with £750 off my motorbike…


So turns out you get 30% off at Vision Express, which has just saved me over £100 on my new glasses!


I didn’t see that coming!

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Should have gone to SpecSavers :rofl: :rofl:


me too… :rofl: