CFAV christmas wish from HQAC

Ok so in lieu of new topic for people to get stuck into here is one.

What do people want from HQAC in 2020.

Here is mine.
No more changes or promises I.e. space award.
Until EVERYTHING already promised is delivered.


2 things and that’s it…less is more

Just fully implement cadet portal (and staff portal if that’s manageable) get everyone on that ways of working


Just fix gliding.


I think this is a fair ask, finish what has been started and let’s have a year of not changing a lot so the organisation can catch up. Admin burden reduction should be the only changes.

Last thing we need is a new boss coming in with bright ideas and changing things around again.


That’s a joke.
Hasn’t happened yet.
Civil service need admin to justify jobs.

Too many forms
Too many data sets to complete.
Too much health and safety paperwork.
Too much admin.


It’s not HQAC, but I just wish my WgExO would reply to the email I sent him in November.

I have since resubmitted the same query twice more. With no reply.

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I would’ve CC’d my WSO into the second and the Wing Commander into the third in an email chain of “since you still haven’t responded to my email…”

Those are my next two steps.

The text of my emails has been getting shorter, and the sign off more abrupt.

I’m an email away from dropping an ‘as per my last email’ bomb.

Escalate it as above and further - there is clearly a technical issue with the WExO’s email system!

Imagine their face if you emailed the Bader POC :joy:

Have you tried putting ‘naked pictures of your wife!’ in the subject line?


Well, I can say from my side of the shop, that is the intention. Staff Portal will depend on individual accounts being deployed and everything that entails :+1:


Great option:

“Unless you reply by XXXX, I intend to…(whatever).”

Great military principle, used it lots of times in the RAF, & (much to their surprise!), occasionally with my commercial company.

“But you did YYYY!!”

“Yep, I had advised you accordingly.” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You need to do the ultimate in office aggressiveness - put “Regards” instead of “Best Regards”. That’ll get the message across


That was email two. It’s not my first email rodeo. :wink:

Anywho, I’ll pick this up elsewhere, I have successfully threadjacked here.

To have seen more awards to CFAVs from RAFAC in the New Year’s Honour List. :wink:


@bob1 A new boss coming in will want to do their own thing and introduce new things to be done along with things/changes already in process. Which will bring more confusion to the already confused situation. Throughout my working life a new manager at any level has never meant a hiatus, just a stick to muddy the waters even more.

What would be good is to actually recognise that we aren’t doing this 8 hours a day and or 7 days a week, but a couple of hours a night twice a week,


I would like a set of forms that are easy to fill in electronically. I’ve just been catching up with Accts 4 travel claims and they are a pain to fill in! Each cell is a separate box, so lots of mouse clicking and irritation to fill in.

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