CEP- any stats/facts?

It’s possible there’s been formal corporate updating on this across RAFAC (nee ACO) and I’ve just missed it.

Has the CEP (as in CCFs into State Schools) been a success/failure, or still officially a work in progress?

There’s not been much talk of them up in Scotland: and I suspect that politics of every conceivable variety will further limit their visibility.

But I’m intrigued as to how the programme is going. In particular: if the respective Community Cadet Force SLTs had a straight choice between retaining a couple of barely (or arguably) viable units: would their standing preference now be to create a unified replacement CCF formation?

I’m trying to interpret how RAFAC will look after my time: less traditional ATC squadrons (through closures/mergers)? and more CCF RAF sections, due to closer community liaison (esp schools)?

Presumably there are some state school CCFs that are multi-school membership (if not just because of complex campuses, but also due to overlapping catchment areas). Or is this not the case?

Was Wg Cdr CCF @HQRAFAC given additional staffing to cover said expansion, or was that all just treated as minor variation?

All rather curious, given the challenging era we live in (and the shrinking wider RAF family)

The next report is due later this year.

Wilf, that is because the CEP seems to of been rolled out totally different than in other areas.

I think it may work better in that the school unit is
An additional place to existing community units and that the cadets who join still go to their local unit in the evening.

Scotland did not sign up for CEP100 (the first 100 new units) but is part of CEP500 (bringing the total units including old ones to 500).

This was mildly controversial when MOD suggested that to plug a funding shortfall in CEP100, existing CCFs, including existing state schools, and schools in Scotland, should pay a capitation rate, whereas CEP schools would not. So, a state school in Scotland might be expected to pay to support a new CEP in England or Wales, when CEP wasn’t even happening in Scotland.

This proposal was not favourably received and was dropped in favour of using LIBOR money, which runs out in 2020.

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Well, they haven’t got long left :shushing_face::shushing_face: