Central Gliding School Instructors

A social media post with an instructor from the Central Gliding School got me thinking - These instructors wear ‘regular’ rank slides rather than RAFAC like the VGS staff, so I guess they are Regular, FTRS, or RAF Reserve - Does anyone know which, and how would you go about becoming a Central Gliding School Instructor, surely it’s not a stream of the regular RAF pilot branch?

FTRS I believe, unsure about the second question

They’re AVO1 civil servants with VRT commissions mostly now.

Some of the old school CGS instructors were on RAFR commissions.

Most of the seniors stds, oc ops, occgs are FTRS

To apply you wait for a vacancy to appear on th civil service jobs page and bang in an application. Most but not all the posts are filled by people from the VGS as with just 11 posts they don’t come up often.

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Thanks v much - that explains the lack of any distinguishing badge on the ranks - must be FTRS. I have Silver C gliding from many years ago, but not planning on applying just curious!

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