I’ve been asked to write a letter to my local Sqn Ldr about the differences between the role of a SGT and a F/S and I thought I’d do a little research before I mindlessly put anything on paper. Is there a clear role definitions, things you can do as a F/S but not as a SGT?


That’s a good question.
There is probably some proper written directives somewhere explaining what and how, but I’m not a Pam-head so I couldn’t tell you.
I think what you might need to consider is how these rules are interpreted. Many Sqn’s will have only a FS and Cpl’s, some a CWO and a Sgt. It may be very difficult to clearly explain the differences in reality rather than in theory. I wish you look and it might be nice to see on completion. And also, quite a good exercise for a group of Cpl’s looking to be promoted.

I’m genuinely not sure that there is a difference - I don’t think that there’s anything listed in the ACPs, and I can’t say that I consider them to be much different.

FS = experienced Sgt who’s shown that he/she can perform the job effectively.

[quote=“MattB” post=11730]
FS = experienced Sgt who’s shown that he/she can perform the job effectively.[/quote]

Agreed, absolutely.

I can find nothing in ACP 47 or 49 that distinguishes the 2.

I would echo MattB’s comments above though. What do you depends on your circumstances - you will have a vastly different job to do if you have a CWO above you!

At the moment there is me as the senior Sgt, two other sgts and four Cpls. My OC put me forward for F/S for a few reasons. One he said I deserve it and two he wants to implement a rank structure so I can run more training days for the CPLs and SGTs. My Sqn Ldr and WWO sat me down and we had a talk and they feel I’m no ready just yet because I couldn’t give a clear answer as to what I’d do differently as a F/S. My main problem is I’m already an active F/S so I do everything and have been for the past 6 months so it’s hard for me to tell what I did and didn’t do as a normal SGT above my CPLs. I’m struggling to put pen to paper now and write what I’d do differently and what I have done differently…

I thought promotion to Cadet FS was back with OC for the decision?

It still needs a WSO check AFAIK.

Any variation of this has been added at Region/Wing level.

Well look at that.