CCF (RAF) Uniform

Is there any difference between the CCF (RAF) uniform and ours (the ATC)? I have also seen photos on Facebook with some CCF (RAF) cadets wearing No.1’s. I believe there is some difference with their brassards as well.

None what so ever apart from the beret badge. CCF cadets wear the RAF beret badge where as ATC cadets wear the ATC beret badge

They wear the RAF beret/cap badge instead of ATC.
They wear the CCF contingent identifier for their school on the brassard in place of the Air Training Corps Shoulder title and Sqn number.
They have the rank of Lance Corporal for parity among Army/Navy sections.
They don’t have the Master Air Cadet qualification.
They ‘should’ adhere to the same rules regarding wear of No1s/SD Hats as ATC cadets with addition of appropriate CCF badges.

Other than this they should be the same as ATC cadets.


You forgot the long hair :wink:

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…and the white socks…

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As things stand, officially, CCF does have Master Air Cadet, because the new PTS poster was produced by doing a copy & paste of ‘CCF’ for ‘ATC’. But I doubt that will last as I don’t think it’s intentional… That said, I did meet a Master Air Cadet CCF cadet on camp.

Presumably either a double-hatted ATC / CCF(RAF) Cadet, or a late-entrant scholar into the independant school sector? (ie a lateral transferee from an ATC squadron into a CCF contingent)

I’ve seen several CCF(RAF) Master Air Cadets during my time with the CCF. Whenever I’ve queried it, I’ve always received the same answer - although it’s not in the CCF syllabus, it’s entirely ‘voluntary’ and undertaken as additional study.

To be honest I didn’t ask her, but as she was a sixth form entrant from overseas I don’t think she’s had time to do it in the ATC. Although she was at 18 the oldest cadet on camp so perhaps. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was very diligent.